"For me, I did what I did, and if people liked it, they would hire me. I just kept adding instruments to my repertoire to play. They could hire me, and I could carry four different instruments," he says. "That helps with keeping working, and keeping your ability to play a bunch of different things makes you more marketable."

Being marketable and in-demand for studio work is quite different than being a touring musician, and Rauhouse has seen many who couldn't hang in there.

"Another thing that's really hard is you have to sleep on those couches and eat those ramen noodles. But unless somebody can see you and see you're willing to do it, they're not going to know you're even there," he says.

Jon Rauhouse at work
Jason Creps
Jon Rauhouse at work

Location Info


Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Central Phoenix


Jon Rauhouse is scheduled to perform Thursday, October 11, at Crescent Ballroom.

"It ends up being a big extended family," he says. "I have friend all over the country who I enjoy playing with. It ends up being this big group conglomerate, and you learn something different from each one. I do anyway, and I want to pass that on. I think it just brings more people together if you engage them."

Next year will be a big one for Rauhouse. In addition to a new solo record, Local 638 Records will release a boxed set of his entire catalog, including: Steel Guitar Rodeo, Steel Guitar Heart Attack, Hawaiian Guitar Expedition, and Steel Guitar Air Show.

"The hardest thing about it is, I use a lot of really good musicians, and everybody is really busy because they're so good," Rauhouse says. "I keep running into people who want to do stuff, and then it's the logistics of lining up the time. I'm way overdue, but I'm not going to leave something out."

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