Northwest Passage

Nabbing Native American imagery has gotten plenty of people in trouble. From No Doubt's recent music video gaffe to Urban Outfitters' "Navajo" underwear, there are posers aplenty. On the other hand, poet and writer Sherman Alexie has built his career on exploring his very real years spent on the Spokane Indian reservation.

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Dobson High School Auditorium

1501 W. Guadalupe Road
Mesa, AZ 85202

Category: Schools

Region: Mesa

For the unfamiliar, the new compilation Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories offers a selection of Alexie's works, including "This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona" and "What You Pawn I will Redeem," and a chance to get acquanited quickly.

Thu., Nov. 15, 7 p.m., 2012
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