"We've been talking about doing a run of them for forever," Mark says. "We only did the initial 1,000, and once those were gone, we just moved on to the next record and the next record and the next record. We're not the best businessmen. With a little more business acumen, it probably wouldn't have taken 15 years to get another run made. So with it being the 20th anniversary [of the band] and having never done it, we decided it felt like the right time."

Lawrence says there's more Pistoleros material in the can, too, leftover work from the sessions that resulted in Hang On to Nothing, and he hopes to release those tracks in the future. Mark acknowledges the prospect of new Pistoleros material, but he isn't sure when, or if, the band will commit anything to tape. The live sets, for now, are enough.

"Some songs feel like we're covering ourselves," Lawrence says, discussing reaching back to material that was written during a time when the band was exploring the hard living associated with a rock 'n' roll lifestyle. But being clean has offered new perspective as well. "Some songs have a new, fresh approach, given that everyone has improved. As a matter of fact, for this show we're picking songs we don't always do. There's standards, but we're going to try and pick some other songs. Stuff we can edge a little more."

The Pistoleros in 2012, with Lawrence (left) and Mark (center) Zubia
Dani Zubia
The Pistoleros in 2012, with Lawrence (left) and Mark (center) Zubia
The Pistoleros in 1997
Kelly Sedei
The Pistoleros in 1997

Location Info


Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Central Phoenix


The Pistoleros are scheduled to perform Wednesday, November 21, at Crescent Ballroom.

For the Zubias, it's as much about reflection as it is nostalgia.

"I look at a band like Andrew Jackson Jihad," Lawrence says. "They seem to be doing it right. I just hope they are out there having fun, because that's what you take away from it, those memories. And for everyone else, it's about the songs. I know that some day, my grandkids are going to pull out some music and say, 'I guess my grandpa was some kind of rock 'n' roller.'"

"If I can say so myself, they're damn good songs," Mark says. "They should be played. It's nice to see the guys, and then, of course, all the memories come flooding back, and that's nice, too."

"We're still here 20 years later," Lawrence laughs. "Divorces, suicides, drugs, alcoholism, all those 'isms' that go along with it. We're still doing it."

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