Her outlook on life also is influenced by what she says was "growing up too fast." Raised by her single mother, Farrah was independent from a young age and knew all too well the struggles her family had with making ends meet.

"It brought my awareness to real life a little too soon and then again with the trouble I had when I was 13 to 15," Farrah says. "I was just doing really stupid shit. Wrong crowd, wrong scene, drugs and stuff. But I got it all out of the way early."

Eventually, she took a stab at the Navy, a career that lasted exactly eight months and 12 days. The reason she resigned early, Farrah says, is because she was deeply unhappy, so she did something about it.

Lauren Farrah
Lauren Farrah


Lauren Farrah is scheduled to release Great Expectations on Friday, November 23, at Arizona Hi-Fi.

"I was probably the most depressed than I've been in my whole life when I was in," Farrah says meekly. "I think I was pretty naive when I signed up. I just wanted money to go to art school because I was real big into visual arts when I was younger. I figure that would be a good way to see the world, get a bunch of money, they'd pay for school and all that stuff. I guess that would've been the case if I'd kept in, but not the 'see the world' part, though. I would have been stationed in Georgia and that's about as far as I'd go.

"It was a really rough and trying time and I learned a lot about myself," Farrah says. "I guess I wouldn't trade the experience in, but you only live one time and I was not in a very good way when I was there."

After trying on different vocational hats, Farrah's settled into the role of the singer/songwriter. "I want to pursue music solely. I've resigned to the fact that that's probably gonna be a 10-year endeavor to see anything awesome happen," she says. "It's already awesome that I wound up on a label, and that's really great, but like bigger, maybe doing a big tour with somebody. It's probably going to take a long time but I'm going to be there for it."

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