During the Pride Festival, Schweikert says, Wilson "went against . . . team protocol" and used "false pretenses" to get a marked police car into the festival's parade.

Schweikert writes that his lieutenant told him "not to make and issue of it."

Schweikert continues: "Wilson . . . failed to consult me" and was "untouchable because of the protection granted . . . by Assistant Chief Montgomery."

Former Phoenix PD detective Chris Wilson, accused of sexually assaulting two teenage boys.
Former Phoenix PD detective Chris Wilson, accused of sexually assaulting two teenage boys.

Schweikert says Wilson arranged for them to meet with Megan Schmitz, Simplot's chief of staff.

Schmitz also is chair of the board of directors for 1 n 10 Youth Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building self-esteem and acceptance among LGBT youth.

While the three were in the meeting room, Schweikert says, Schmitz told him at the last minute that Simplot also would attend.

"Schmitz focused the conversation on how great Mr. Wilson has been to her and Councilman Simplot. The accolades for Mr. Wilson, in my opinion, were in response to counter the negative feedback Mr. Wilson had received" from members of the LGBT community.

During the conversation, Schweikert says, Simplot walked into the room and "thanked me for allowing Mr. Wilson to work with him, and he noted what a great job Mr. Wilson was doing" before leaving the room.

"I felt that Councilman Simplot was using his position to influence me not to take supervisory action toward Mr. Wilson and discount any negative feedback [about Wilson] from various community members," Schweikert writes. "I felt that Councilman Simplot was trying to intimidate me."

Simplot says he pops in and out of meetings all the time: "Clearly, Wilson is a master at manipulation."

Schweikert's memo details noticeable changes in Wilson's behavior in the weeks before his arrest.

"I observed that he had been distant at work, and he did not seem happy," Schweikert writes. "I was concerned about Mr. Wilson, but I did not have enough to articulate a request for a work fitness evaluation . . . I felt that he could lose his temper at any moment."

Schweikert notes at least one occasion when Wilson took one of the boys he later was alleged to have abused to the dentist.

"I did not think what Mr. Wilson was doing [was] appropriate, but it was not a violation of policy," he writes. "I did not question what Mr. Wilson did with his personal time."

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It is bad enough to have a female boss,but to have a GAY one is really the craps.


It must suck to be them. Here they are defending what they think is just another gay cop, when all along he is a worthless piece of shit pedophile!  To serve and protect huh?  Self-serving is more like it.  Kudos to Officer Schweikert for sticking to his guns, so to speak.


what he is really saying is "they are trying to get to the truth and we can't have that"

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