The Oxford Coma's also distributing Adonis to major college radio stations with hopes of getting regular rotation on, at minimum, "a few of the good ones." But considering the strength of the album as a whole and radio-ready songs like "Last to Die," "Seven," and "Ellipsis," it's quite possible a record label will come knocking. That could mean big things for The Oxford Coma. But what if the label wants to reshape the band into something more generic for the mass audience?

"Ahhhhhh . . . I think I'd rather cut off my balls," Tegethoff says, struggling for the words to continue. "To me that would be worse than the most boring asinine desk job that I can think of. I don't know. I think it would ne such a waste of the gift of being able to write songs. It pisses me off to hear those bands like Three Doors Down and Nickelback who get strong-armed by the music industry and just get shit on — as well they should. These people are incredibly gifted! What a waste that they have resigned themselves to making this repetitive garbage."

Quality assured, the next step is the CD-release party, which beside the performance of Adonis and one "really cool cover," will also feature Tegethoff's original video imagery and body suspensions.

The Oxford Coma
Courtesy of Oxford Coma
The Oxford Coma

Location Info


The Monarch Theatre

122 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Category: Dance Clubs

Region: Central Phoenix


The Oxford Coma are scheduled to perform Saturday, December 22, at the Monarch Theatre.

"I have some totally weird friends who are into hanging themselves from meat hooks," Tegethoff says of the unusual visual art. "In a sort of eerie way, it's kind of pretty, because you get four people hanging from pulley mechanisms. They do this strange aerial anti-gravity dance and it goes super-well to strange, heavy music."

But shouldn't the focus here really be on just the music, given the time and effort put into developing this band and sound?

"All my favorite concerts have had a visual element as well," Tegethoff counters. "So it's not just an audio experience, but it becomes an all-encompassing sensory overload. That was kind of the idea. Kind of a no-brainer."

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