This gives you a small window onto the hypocrisy, nut-jobbery, and outright wussiness of LaFaro.

Apparently, he still doesn't cotton to any sort of non-hetero fun.

"I don't believe in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgenders, all right?" he explained while campaigning before a group of Ron Paul Republicans in September.

Sometimes you feel like a nut . . .
New Times Photo Illustration
Sometimes you feel like a nut . . .

At that same meeting, LaFaro told RPers that he considered himself a "constitutional conservative" who leans "more toward fiscal issues."

Highly ironic, both on the First Amendment end and regarding the fact that the failed recall of Giuliano cost Tempe an estimated $90,000.

LaFaro ain't much of a fundraiser, either. His Arizona Citizens Tired of Public Employee Unions pulled in a mere $149.74 for the entire year, according to disclosure forms on the Tempe City Clerk's website.

The money was used to oppose now-Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell. During the campaign, LaFaro publicly fumed about some pro-Mitchell signs and how he and a brigade of citizens were gonna tear 'em down because they were illegal.

They weren't illegal. The brigade never mustered. And LaFaro's pick, Michael Monti, lost.

So LaFaro is a narrow-minded loser with no vision who can't raise money for squat and who's hell-bent on continuing the civil war between his camp and the RiNOs.

Seems he's got anger-management issues, too.

Perfect for my purposes.

There's some nice lady named Lisa Gray running against LaFaro. She heads up the "Arizona Party Builders" slate.

Jeez, do we really want county Rs to build their party further?

As this column shuffled off to press, LaFaro had not returned phone calls and e-mails.

I did get a hold of Dennis Cahill, who now lives in Prescott. I asked him what he thought of his old nemesis' candidacy for county party chair.

"He's major knucklehead," Cahill shot back. "If they elect him, then the Republican Party has really gone down the tubes."

Yep, LaFaro has my wholehearted support.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Could LaFaro be Italian for The Fairy?


A.J. Lafaro and Haney and all the rest of the extremist douchebags have overseen some serious losses by the Republican party and haven't raised a dime or lent any significant help to the party whatsoever.  


And now LaFaro's got the support of the OG Arizona TeaNut; JD Hayworth. But then, hasn't Hayworth's endorsement been the kiss of death for many a bagger?

Sorry, Stephen.


Shit, now we know who the next "Lord High Governor" of Dumbfuckistan will be.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@RobAZ JD's horse also gave him three whinnies!

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