About the writer: Jo Novelli is a performance scholar, an interdisciplinary artist, and a freelance writer.

About the designer: Safwat Saleem is a graphic designer, filmmaker, and artist whose work has been featured in national publications and local galleries including Bragg's Pie Factory, monOrchid, and Regular Gallery.

Manifesto No. 5 designer: Peter Storch
Manifesto No. 5 designer: Peter Storch
Manifesto No. 6 designer: Safwat Saleem
Manifesto No. 6 designer: Safwat Saleem
Manifesto No. 7 designer: Nicole Stumphauzer
Manifesto No. 7 designer: Nicole Stumphauzer
Manifesto No. 8 designer: Nina Miller
Manifesto No. 8 designer: Nina Miller

[Manifesto No. 7]


11. There are things in this world that are absolutely true and right and other things that are absolutely evil and wrong. Search and fight for true and right things.

10. Men need to be everyday fathers to their children as well as fathers to those who have none.

9. Facebook and Twitter are wimpy ways to communicate frustration and anger. Talk to people face to face.

8. Don't ask that girl out or break up with her through a text message.

7. Injustice and suffering in this world won't be overcome by sitting on nice couches, talking and drinking coffee. Act on the needs directly around you.

6. Don't settle for dysfunction and disappointment in your life. Believe that God has made you to enjoy things that will last forever — things like joy, hope, beauty, and love.

5. Work hard and do hard things. Don't be lazy and don't complain about having to get your hands dirty.

4. Be willing to endure suffering so that you can alleviate the suffering of others.

3. Obsessively pursuing fame and money is an easy path to emptiness and discontentment.

2. Ethnically, economically, politically, and culturally diverse people eating, laughing, singing, learning, and serving together make for the best type of community.

1. Jesus really did rise from the dead. That means even the ugliest and most broken parts of your life can be remade into something beautiful and new.

About the writer: Vermon Pierre is lead pastor of Roosevelt Community Church. He also participates in the community by serving on the board of Roosevelt Row.

About the designer: Nicole Stumphauzer is a graphic design student at Arizona State University and an intern at paul howell : design, llc.

[Manifesto No. 8]


1. Everything really does go better with bacon, but pancetta is an awfully good substitute.

2. You can't lead if no one is following.

3. A life that is not a romance isn't worth living.

4. Washington, D.C., never looks better than it does receding into a rear-view mirror.

5. "Did you exchange a walk-on role in a war for a lead role in a cage?" (with thanks to Pink Floyd).

6. The biggest impact you can have in the world is mentoring others.

7. The only real James Bond is Sean Connery, and the only real pizza comes from New Jersey and its suburbs.

8. No matter how hard one tries, markets cannot be thwarted.

9. Never leave a positive sentiment unspoken.

10. Who is John Galt?

About the writer: Clint Bolick serves as director of the Goldwater Institute's Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation in Phoenix. A legal pioneer, Bolick has argued and won cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, the Arizona Supreme Court, and state and federal courts from coast to coast. He has won landmark precedents defending school choice, freedom of enterprise, private property rights, and challenging corporate subsidies and racial classifications. Before joining the Goldwater Institute in 2007, Bolick was co-founder of the Institute for Justice and later served as president of the Alliance for School Choice.

About the designer: Nina Miller is a designer and an improvisor and instructor at The Torch Theatre in Phoenix. She worked as a designer for the Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU for the last year or so and recently started a new position with The Center for Science and the Imagination at ASU.

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