Reardon jokingly called The Father Figures a "post-skate-rock band," but the label fits. All About Everything is out via AZPX, which doubles as a record label and a skateboarding company. As if that wasn't enough Thrasher cred, production of the album was postponed when Cornelius broke his elbow in a skateboarding accident. The Father Figures put recording on hold for five months while Cornelius recovered. No one in the band skates too much these days, beyond quick trips to the grocery store, but it doesn't matter. It's a lifestyle choice, Cornelius says.

"The skate thing is just part of the DNA, really," Cornelius says. "Just because I can't actually go out and ride a skate park and do stuff in the pool anymore doesn't mean I don't think I'm a skateboarder anymore. I'm still a skateboarder."

Like skating, punk is the band's lifestyle — and Phoenix has noticed, as the band has opened for bands like No Age, X, and Public Image Ltd. Reardon, Cornelius, and Lerma haven't mellowed out with age, and they haven't run out of things to be angry about. But there's a zen to their approach — a refined attitude that comes only with maturity, both personally and musically.

The Father Figures
The Father Figures

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

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The Father Figures are scheduled to perform Friday, January 25, at Crescent Ballroom.

"We'd rather have fun before having a big message," Cornelius says. "We'd rather be ironic before we're direct."

"I think part of it is that we don't suffer for our art," Lerma says, laughing. "We don't have a bunch of strife in our lives that fuel our art."

How punk is that?

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I think punk USED TO BE about attitude. I don't think MOST of todays punk has the same attitude and feel as the old stuff. But its all relative, it has many flavors.

I agree with the statement about loud overdriven amps and clangy bar chords...  add some political/ activist lyrics and your doing fine.

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