Ask a Mexican on Cubans and Idiots

The pinche Republicans are making a gigante ruido about their "Hispanic" senators in Congress. Wachale! Let's call a pendejo a pendejo. Please discuss with tu audiencia what Mexicans really think about Cubans in these Estados Unidos.
El Güero Tejano (no Cubano)

As a recent transplant from Miami to Albuquerque, I was wondering what is the Mexican's take on the privileged status of our preferred border crossers, the Cubans. If a Cuban manages to get his little toe on dry land in the U.S., he is immediately given a new Toyota, an American Express card, and the keys to the city of Hialeah.
Aturdido Floridian

Are Cubans Mexicans with connections??
Quiero Ron


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Other than Puerto Ricans and negritos, no other ethnic group gets pegged as the eternal enemy of Mexicans more often than Cubans. If you believe coños like Rush Limbaugh, Mexicans despise Cubans because it's "a race thing. [Cubans are] just not quite dark — as dark [as Mexicans], and they're oriented toward work." (Rush obviously never met a beauty from Los Altos de Jalisco, or a paisa from Sinaloa). But Mexicans for the most part actually like Cubans — definitely more than Puerto Ricans. We enjoy Cuban rum and cigars, they believe in curanderos, like us, their Spanish is as garbled as ours, we both love guayaberas, and Cuban music legends Beny Moré and Perez Prado spent so much time in Mexico that their tunes are part of the Mexican songbook (multiple bandas have covered Moré's "La Culebra," while "Parece Que Va Llover" was memorably sung by Pedro Infante and Luis Aguilar in their 1951 film ¡A Toda Maquina!).

What does drive Mexicans crazy about Cubans, however, isn't so much what they do or who they are but how gabachos treat them: as gods. One niggling fact: Cuban music inspires excessive mainstream media coverage in relation to its actual popularity in the United States, especially when compared to the ubiquity of Mexican regional music en el Norte. Another one: gabachos' insistance that mariachis play "Guantanamera." Even more infuriating for Mexicans is the immigration narrative gabachos have constructed of Cubans and Mexicans. While Americans opened the gates to Cuban refugees as a Cold War ploy and continue to let said refugees come illegally into the U.S. as long as they land via sea, gabachos have never extended the same courtesy to Mexicans or our Central American brothers during our civil wars. You can't hate the Cubans for their special status, but you can hate gabachos for this preposterous double standard. As if Mexicans needed another reason to hate gabas . . .

I'm so annoyed with you printing the letters from idiots. The vast majority of white people don't hate Mexicans. We don't sit around bitching about Mexicans taking our jobs. Most of us don't hate anyone. A lot of us love the fact that America is a melting pot of cultures where we share ideas, music, art, and we just plain love each other. When you print the letters from idiots, it implies that we all feel that way. We don't. There are idiots of all races, creeds, and colors, and the idiots who write ignorant letters to you are not typical of us. They don't represent the majority. There are different colors and cultures because God is an artist and she needed colors to decorate the world. Most of us celebrate our differences. Giving these idiots a forum is like putting a booger on a Picasso. It just don't belong.
No Hate

Gracias for your heartfelt letter — now, can you please indoctrinate Congress and other idiot gabachos with your wisdom? Because, as you can see with the current amnesty battle, they need it.

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True, the vast majority of Americans do not hate Mexicans.  That is probably a result of the fact that the vast majority of Americans have their family roots in another country, with their ancestors immigrating to America.  What the majority of Americans do have an issue with is the way Mexicans feel that they should not be required to follow immigration laws.  Why do Mexicans feel they are special?


I only wish this was a country without hatred, racism, etc.... What should be a melting pot of love and equality is instead a cauldron of hatred, racial tension and sexism.  So many are trying to culturally one up the next when you all just need to get over yourselves!!!


we've made statements concerning the acceptance of one people over another into our great country but i've got to agree with No Hate, what an eloquent writer.  and i get my cuban cigars from Nogales where they're legal. after all, it's the U.S. that doesn't get along with the Cuban government, not Mexico. que le pase un buen dia. p.s. you can also get cuban rolled cigars in Key West. why there? as we were told when visiting the plant, the cigars were rolled by actual Cubans.


I enjoy Cuban rum and cigars, now where can then here in Phoenix?

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