"We worked really hard to try to make this movie authentic: characters, language, clothes, locations, graffiti," Leon says. That even extended to creating a public-access cable TV show, the All City Hour, a purportedly "archival" excerpt of which appears early in the film. And in the year since Gimme the Loot premiered at the South by Southwest festival in Austin (where it won the Grand Jury Prize) and screened at Cannes, Leon has continued producing new episodes of the All City Hour together with Soghor and other Gimme the Loot alumni. (Shot on weekends, the show airs weekly on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and similar access channels in the Bronx and Brooklyn.)

A scene from Gimme the Loot
A scene from Gimme the Loot

Leon says, "Back when we didn't know what was going to happen with this movie, if we would even get distribution, "I had this idea: let's get a public access show, and we'll have a show built around the movie, and hopefully we can get a Village Voice profile. 'Look at what these kids did! It's a real New York movie! You should go out and see it this week!' "

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