Aurelius sees Iceage as one example of many punk-tinged bands that are reaping rewards after hammering the DIY circuit, including Merchandise, Olympia fuzz juggernauts Milk Music, and versatile Brooklyn post-hardcore-cum-Americana rockers The Men. Having hosted shows for all of them in Phoenix gives the appearance of a loose allegiance, Aurelius says.

He remarks on the steady rise of these acts with a bit of classic punk wariness tempered by contemporary punk indifference. "The mainstream press is starting to pick up on it," he states. "I have no idea why, but that's just how it happens, I guess."

Speaking of shows: When Iceage played in a converted South Phoenix self-storage unit two summers ago in support of New Brigade, the band performed a set that clocked in just shy of 20 minutes. Nielsen said the brevity was due to only having that much material, but also because they didn't want to overstay their welcome.

"You have to keep it interesting and not wear yourself out completely," he says. "I don't know if anyone would be interested to hear us for more than half an hour."

He remembers Phoenix being, of course, very hot, saying he hopes it will be cooler this time. I tell him the chances of that are slim, that the desert spring interval is microscopic, but he's not discouraged. "Well, it's fucking cold in Denmark, so that's nice," he says.

Jean-Paul Sartre recounts a Tuesday in Nausea: "Nothing. Existed." A headline from the TL;DR Times: "Four Friends in Fucking Cold Place Build Ark, Leave It at That."

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