Get Carded

We admit it. The phrase “Bingo Players at the Beach” conjures a whole lot of unsavory images of old men in Speedos slappin’ down some sick bingo daubers while tanning their already-leathery skin. You can fess up to thinking it too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, you know. It’s just not the kind of party we’re used to from the dance party masterminds behind Relentless Beats.

Location Info


El Santo Cantina y Mas

7301 E. Butherus Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Category: Restaurant > Mexican

Region: North Scottsdale

Don’t worry. We’re pretty sure old men keep their daubers far from Dutch DJ and producer duo Bingo Players. Unless, of course, those old men are crazy awesome, in which case they’ll be hanging out in the VIP area. Bingo Players lay down their brand of dance and house at Relentless Beats’ appropriately named pool bash Relentless Beach. Pop bottles and get your swim on to some sick beats at El Santo.

Sun., April 21, noon, 2013
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