An Infamous 2004 Scuffle Continues to Define Danny Marianino and Glenn Danzig

When someone tells you that life can change in an instant, chances are they're trying to sell you typhoon insurance.

But one particular life-changing instant has lasted for nine years and counting. It's the second in June 2004, with a video camera rolling, in which Glenn Danzig murmured, "Fuck you, motherfucker," and shoved Danny Marianino, singer of Arizona hardcore band North Side Kings, who came back with a retaliatory blow to the middle-aged Misfit's head.

It's a second that rock stars of all stripes, from Metallica's James Hetfield to nice guy Alice Cooper to ex-members of Danzig's own groups, have fessed up to replaying hundreds of times on YouTube. A second that came in as VH1's 74th "Most Shocking Moment in Music," well ahead of Sonny Bono's death and Three Dog Night singer Chuck Negron's penis exploding. No kidding: This little fracas was a game-changer for everyone involved.

Glenn Danzig: Don't ever punch him.
Glenn Danzig: Don't ever punch him.

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Danzig is scheduled to perform Friday, April 26, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

For Danzig, it turned a spotlight on a prima donna streak that only insiders privy to his show rider might've known about before. This year marks Danzig the band's 25th anniversary, but Danzig the man's image has been somewhat tarnished by his gift for generating negative publicity. Plenty of Danzig fans have seen the bullying tactics evidenced in that 2004 video for themselves, whether they've been kept waiting for him to start a show because someone didn't bring him a Wendy's chicken sandwich or French onion soup or they've watched him attack photographers at Bonnaroo.

For Marianino, the video was the beginning of the end of a hardscrabble decade-long musical career and an introduction to the world of Internet hate and loathing, both of which are documented to humorous effect in his self-published book, Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar: A Collection of Hate Mail & Other Crazy Rumors. While the titular incident informs the whole book, it's not 258 pages of Danzig-bashing.

"Most of the book is about me being in a small band and all the crazy shit that happens when you're on tour and you're broke," says Marianino. "And it's how people are just shitheads on social media."

People reached out and spewed hate at Marianino almost immediately after the gig. "It was that morning. By the time I got back from Tuba City, Danzig had already put out a statement that I cut him with a sharp object and fled the scene. A guy wrote me and said, 'You stabbed Danzig.'"

Up to then, Marianino had never received anything more negative than a few nasty comments left under a record review. But now there was hate, and on a much larger scale than he was used to.

"I developed a pretty thick skin just being a kid in high school, so it just carried on," he remembers. "But I'm not gonna lie and say some of these messages don't bother me. Right now, I got this girl that's driving me fuckin' mad, sending messages to people I'm friends with on Facebook that I'm a racist, impersonating me online. If she saw me face-to-face, she would shit in her pants if I came at her."

This hater, calling herself Amanda Danzig (no relation), went as far as writing a fanfiction account of the whole Danzig dustup.

"She's like an 18-year-old Hispanic girl from Austin. She's some kid being a dick, but a persistent dick — to the point where I'm about ready to press charges for harassment."

Though Danzig unsuccessfully attempted to press assault charges on Marianino — anyone on the scene with working eyes had already told police that Danzig pushed first — others were happy to fight Danzig's battles for him.

Four months after the Tuba City show, North Side Kings were playing with Madball and H20. "[Danzig's] karate school called up a club in Anaheim called Chain Reaction," says Marianino, laughing, "and threatened to come down and beat us up if we played the show." The club hired extra security and the gigs went on without a single karate chop administered.

"He's infuriated with me. I've heard stories of him playing shows where kids are wearing a North Side Kings T-shirt and he bugs out and starts shit with them.

"I blame him for the book. I wrote it a long time ago and put it away and said, 'The hell with it.' Then, in a four-month time span, he did a slew of interviews where the interviewer asked him about what happened, and he went ahead and made up a whole other bullshit story about how it was a setup."

In 2012, Danzig told LA Weekly that Marianino "was trying to get me on camera punching him so he could sue me or some shit. I forget what it was. When everyone was breaking it up, he coldcocked me. What are you going to do?"

"If that was a setup," laughs Marianino, "then he is the easiest motherfucker to set up in the world. Anybody can set him up. All I did was say five fuckin' things to him and the guy went nuts, you know? You do that to people all the time and sooner or later somebody's gonna punch you . . . It was a crazy reaction, but that's what it was."

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Cyber-bully Danny is upset by a teenage girl "harassing" him? 

Danny considers pressing charges for harassment against this teenage girl? 

Correct me if i am wrong . . .but, Isn't Dannys entire "career" based upon him harassing Danzig? 

Cyber bully Danny makes online threats within this interview to this teenage "HISPANIC" girl (why is this "hispanic" detail so relevant to Danny? because Danny is a notorious racist skinhead!) 

"she would shit in her pants if I came at her."-Danny

tough cyber bully Danny threatening teenage girls

Danny, denying that your Danzig publicity stunt was anything other than an obvious "set-up" to promote your band is comical.

This books existence proves that your Danzig punch was a deliberate publicity stunt and one that you continue to milk it an entire decade later. 


wow. still milking it? . . . must feel pretty sad to have to use your cheap theatric of punching Danzig (video camera waiting) with the intention to bolster a mediocre rapcore band from "unknown" to "below farm league" status in the most pathetic music genre known as "hardcore". And if that wasn't embarrassing enough, Danny then becomes so desperate for attention, he writes a book about it? When Danny dies, he will be certain to have "I PUNCHED DANZIG!!! PLEASE LEAVE CASH DONATION" engraved on his tombstone. A parasites legacy


I met Danny at a Horror con a few years ago...and when i asked him about the Danzig punch he said,"I didn't want to punch Danzig, i love Danzig....but nobody pushes me." HAHAHA you don't get more real than that!! I have been a fan of Danzig forever, but if people can't see the hilarity of the guy's cheese then they need to lighten up. I've heard some shitty stories about ol Glen, and i think he gets away with a shitload cause of who he is, so if you ask me he had it coming. Everyone gets knocked out at least once. Karate, Evil, Fame, or Muscles don't matter....if you get caught, you get caught. 


I don't feel anything one way or the other about Danny or what happened between he and Danzig.  Whether it was a set-up or not I don't really care.  But the idea this incident defines Danzig is a complete joke.  He's been an easy target lately, but this is still the guy who has been putting out great music since the 70's and who went to the UK, took on a bunch of skinheads by himself, got thrown in jail and then wrote a killer song about it.  He underestimated Danny and got his ass knocked to the floor.  Shit happens but this in no way defines Danzig, his career or legacy.  


I gotta admit, his book was kinda funny in a clownish type of way but he IS just a little too obsessed with Glen Danzig, he thinks about him every day for crying out loud! And, has a small following of people who are equally obsessed with Danzig. No life I guess.


Danzig, what a bore.  I went to a show featuring the Blackest of the Black.  Why they included Danzig among serious musicians defies me to this day.  I don't know what people see in this fruit basket.  For one, his vocals suck.  "Mother."  When he came on stage in Dallas, Texas, he started charging the audience like a deranged animal reaching the end of his leash.  He would charge & then retreat.  Yawn.  I did not listen.  I left after he took stage. 


I am not a fan of Burger King, I like 5 Guys. And for the record ladies and gentlemen, my obsessed little teenage stalker has arrived. But she hides behind multiple fake profiles. It's cool. You got me actually into Barnes and Noble due to the amount of book reviews it got, and every post you put on here just brings it back to the top of search engines. 

Yea I am a fat guy. I am not rich. But at least I am a stand up person which is a lot more than I can say about someone who spends their time to write 59 bad reviews on Barnes and Noble. See you soon...


Nowadays, Danny Marianino plays the victim card while running an anti-Danzig facebook page, in which he defames the rockstar with degrading photoshop edits and comments about the singer on subjects ranging from racial purity to his body-fat ratio to the quality of the women he dates. Furthermore, Danny has posted links to the facebook pages of his detractors, encouraging his own growing fanbase to ridicule them.

For a cyber-bully & victim he certainly spends a great deal of time devoted to being one himself. That, in addition to being a stalker, meeting celebrities under false pretenses, such as the one that he is somehow a film critic and not just a fanboy. His Danzig obsession has taken nine years to culminate in a copy-pasta book consisting of youtube quotes and self-promotion.
The title of the book itself is a grammatical grotesquery:;Don't Ever Punch a Rockstar: a Collection of Hatemail and other crazy Rumors
Is hatemail a crazy rumor?

While it may appeal to highschool mentalities, the problem is, today's highschoolers were in kindergarten when the legendary battle occurred


Danny the self described manager of Burger King decides he wants to be well known and hits a rockstar from there he gets a lot of hate mail (yah think)? This book is a summary of his days making BK broilers to the infamous punch that changed his life. Now Danny is well known all over Phoenix but he still has to work at Burger King to make ends meet. Danzig is still rich, famous and doesn't have to write a book to get attention.  Danny is desperate for attention and the spotlight. He has few followers while Danzig has many.


Danzig is a character thats for sure. I'll admit I was a young teenager into Samhain and then Danzig. This guy made some decent music and the chicks loved it. I ended up changing tastes in music and rarely listened to him anymore except for the occasional radio spot. It was until years later that I found myself reading about his altercation with the NorthSideKings front man. I felt  bad for the guy like he was some primadonna and had become more celeb than rocker. So I was researching the fiasco in Arizona and found the DANZIG book collection video on Youtube and now my life is complete.


north side kings is one of my all time favorite bands, and i personally wish this would have never happened. its always bothered me that they will always be known for this mess rather than making the best hardcore that has ever come out of arizona ever (and there is currently and has been a mountain of great hardcore bands from here) if not the southwest as a whole. ive met danny a few times and danzig once, and i can say wholeheartedly that the former is a far superior human to the latter in just about every imaginable way. i plan to read this book as soon as i have an opportunity, and i wish danny the best


This cyber bully continues to try to extend his 15 minutes of fame over and over. He practically begged the New Times to carry his story again saying that his name has fallen out of the spotlight. They agreed and are digging it up again. He enjoys the social media spotlight and is very egotistical over the whole thing. Danzig has risen while Danny has fallen. Glen has moved on while Danny cannot move on. Just check out his FB page for his book, he obsesses over Glen Danzig over and over every day while Glen hasn't given Danny a second thought. This obsession with the legendary rocker is unhealthy.

Gary Waterman
Gary Waterman

Ive never seen North Side Kings and I will be the 1st to admit I grew up playing 2 Danzig songs over and over and over. (The same 2 everyone else played) But when the video came out after Danny punch Danzig out I laughed my mutha f-ckin ass off. Its always been obvious Danzig was a dick. It sucks bad all the negativity he got over it. Its easy to see in the vid that Danzig is the 1 "acting" like a tough guy. Fluffin up like a peacock, talkin extra loud to make sure his adoring fans could hear him. Danny is just standin there takin it. Danzig is the one who made the mistake of thinking he could get away with putting his hands on someone... Danny just decided to adjusted his thinking for him. Haha Sucks that his music career was cut short over this bs. On the up side. Danny DID get to live out every guys dream of being in a rock band for awhile...oh and he got to knock the shit out of an a-hole! We all envy you a lil bit Danny! haha btw Sue the Texas bitch. You shouldnt have to put up with her shit.


Why does the New Times keep writing about this low talent North Side Kings idiot?  He's a violent thug who landed a lucky punch on someone who's accomplished way more than he can ever dream of, so all he does now is keep trying to capitalize on the only noteworthy thing he's ever done.  The New Times has also already written this story before, so what's the point of reprinting it again?  


@DannyNorthSide Sorry, but your band sucked, and this being the highlight of your career is pathetic. Whether it was set up, or Danzig instigated it really doesn't matter. I'm sure Danzig gets tired of people, and when you come whining to him because you didn't get to play (which by the way, NO ONE paid money by buying tickets to see your band), the last thing he wanted to do is deal with it. OR he was an asshole that day.

So after trying to cash in on this stupid altercation, hoping it would further your dead end band, you write a book about it? 

So let's recap this shall we? Danzig is still making a very lucrative career making music and YEARS later you're hoping someone still cares about your few seconds of video? 

dennis20 topcommenter

@DannyNorthSide  Danny,

 Besides defending yourself, what you indirectly did was defend every hard working band forced to take shit from asshole promoters and pre-madona rock stars at poorly run shows.  That, in my opinion, is what seems to be lost when this story is retold years later.  Great bands like yours were shit on all the time.  The bullshit "15 minutes of fame" argument doesn't match what really went down.  What you did was stick up for real music.  If Danzig wasn't such an insecure puke of a human being, he would've wrote a public apology both for losing his temper and for fucking your band at the show followed up with a case of your fav german brew over-nighted to your rehearsal studio and this would be nothing more than a foot note in local rock history. This surely hurt your career and thats unfortunate. It hurt Danzigs even more and he only made it worse with the lies and spin.  Credibility matters. You've got it. Danzig doesn't. 

You and I never met, I use to run Worker Bee Studios where several of your friends bands recorded during this period.  You were regarded as a bad ass before this ever happened because of your music as you were afterwards because of your music.  So I hope you get your band together.  Don't let the lyric block slow you down. You've got plenty to say. The NORTH SIDE KINGS rocked and you will always have my respect.   Anyone who accuses you of punching a washed up rocker for gain hasn't a clue. 

Still a Fan,

Dennis Gilman 


The point of reprinting it is to further the humiliation of Danzig, a well deserved humiliation.  He's nothing more than a loud mouthed pussy!


@Concerned_Music_Fan im concerned you mistake lucky punch for good punch.  somewhere somehow you will finally get to be in a glory hole with glenny danzig, and god willing he will be in his platform creepers so he can put that paltry meaty bratwurst thru the hole so you can get to suck him off instead of just dreaming about it.   still undefeated

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