"Health nuts aren't saying, 'Don't eat food, just starve yourself, just drink liquid shakes.' They're saying, 'Look at the nutrition facts, be aware of how it's made, be aware of where the farms are,'" Man-Cat says. "And that's the same thing we're trying to aim for with pop music. Consume consciously, be aware of who's behind it, be aware of the processes. Be aware of how you're being sold."

By highlighting the unoriginal process and greed behind popular music, Man-Cat hopes to coax people to look beneath the surface.

Maybe BreakUpWithTaylorSwift.com will do that for those adoring moms. Whether it does or doesn't, Man-Cat hopes to keep exposing the profit-driven thinking they see in these pop songs. "She has writing credit on all her songs, and people are like, 'Taylor Swift is so great because she writes all her own songs — look, there's a picture of her sitting on her bed with a guitar. She's a songwriter, you know?'

"But then you look at the writing credits and Max Martin is on there — or all the guys who wrote her greatest hits — and it's like, yeah, maybe she had the inkling of the first idea, or she tossed out a line [or] changed a word, but it's still just as manufactured." It's all about "how she'll play to the audience she already has."

Now, everyone can break up with Taylor Swift. But with the website up and running, Man-Cat remains mum about its next stunt.

"Lots of ideas in the wings being tossed around," Man-Cat says, all of them grinning at once. "We want to do one that's kind of in the real world again. It's more of a physical thing that might hit sometime this summer. Not sure when, but [the props] are taking up a lot of space."

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Those crazy kids are so innovative. Andy Warhol would be so proud!

Henri Ng
Henri Ng

they can perform at Amy's!

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

Hey, look, it's Amy Bouzaglo's children.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

@fireserphent Do you have those funky ones that are cracked and yellow and kinda' curl backwards?  'Cause those are pretty funny.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

Those aren't funny at all.. Wow. Now I'm really hurt.

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