An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony in Phoenix: For most of us, coffee routines fall somewhere between needing to perk up and pressed for time. But for those from Ethiopia, a country believed to be the birthplace of the brewed beverage, the coffee ceremony is a unique and relaxing cultural ritual. See for yourself at Ethiopian Famous Restaurant and Coffee in East Phoenix, where Abebech Ejersa takes java fans on an hour-plus journey though the full life cycle of coffee, or bunna (boo-na), that involves roasting, snacking, sniffing, and, finally, sipping. The cost of the coffee ceremony is $12 for two to five people. Reservations need to be made an hour in advance — more than enough time to enjoy one of Ejersa's delectable wat platters beforehand. (4111 E. McDowell Road, 602-275-5663)

Ethiopian coffee ceremony
Lauren Saria
Ethiopian coffee ceremony
subtle takeover

Fondue with an Asian Twist at Tien Wong Hot Pot: No stranger to Asian eats accompanied by a little entertainment, Hong Kong-born chef Johnny Chu (Fate, Sens, Sochu House) brings the hip and the dip to this Chandler strip-mall restaurant where you and your dining companions get to play both guest and chef. Starring the Chinese hot pot, a communal stew with a history that goes back to the 13th century, Tien Wong invites diners to start the fun by picking a broth followed by ingredients like sliced pork, razor clams, noodles, Korean pumpkin, mushrooms, and spicy tofu. What's not to love about cooking (and socializing) at the table together? Not a thing. Especially when the result is hot cups of flavorful, we-made-it-ourselves soup. (2330 N. Alma School Road, Chandler, 480-802-2525)

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