Krav Maga: FX cartoon spy Sterling Archer asserted that karate is the Dane Cook of martial arts. That would make Krav Maga the equivalent of Louis C.K. — brutal and basic. Developed in Israel, the form of hand-to-hand combat melds boxing with jiu-jitsu and focuses on delivering counter-attacks based on natural human instincts. Bonus: It burns boatloads of calories. React Defense Systems offers $20 intro classes for aspiring fighters. With four Valley locations and three training levels, they'll toughen and tone up quick. (2620 E. Rose Garden Lane, Suite 3, 602-485-5728,

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Tough Lotus: If you are under the impression that hammocks are for lazy days, then aerial yoga is bound to blow your mind. The downward dog you've come to know gets deeper, higher, and stretchier when you're suspended in mid-air by a silk band. Plus, the topsy-turvy practice is said to increase flexibility with minimal strain on those increasingly creaky joints. The studio's intro class costs $12, after which individual classes range in cost from $17.60 to $20. Other classes focus on trick moves, spinal decompression, and strength training. (3050 N. Dobson Road, Suite 2, 480-287-0026,

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