What's odd about the moment is just how natural it all feels; if it had happened to somebody else, any number of other rock heroes through history, you'd be able to hear the faint sound of writers preparing think-pieces about one party or the other being oppressed. Getting that close to Axl Rose seems dangerous and/or unclean; getting so forward with one of your folkier indie rock stars could inspire a series of social justice Tumblr posts about sexual harassment.

But Springsteen and these girls seem, with all their goofy passion, like nothing so much as two characters in a Bruce Springsteen song.

"They've gotta be out there somewhere," Garcia tells me. "Let's say they were between the ages of 16 and 22, or something like that . . . My hope is that they're in the Phoenix area still, and maybe they read this and they can get in touch with me. I'd like to just tell the story of that day and how it all went down. If they're still Bruce fans, if they've ever had any contact with him after that."

Girls on film: Young women showing The Boss some Phoenix-style affection in 1978. Shown here, the instigator.
Girls on film: Young women showing The Boss some Phoenix-style affection in 1978. Shown here, the instigator.
Another victim of love
Another victim of love


If you were at the show — or were one of the girls — you can contact Julian Garcia at »e-mail link.

It's easy to imagine they might have, because that's how Bruce Springsteen is. "He's so open, and so accessible to his fans, that when you go to a show you're like, 'Hey, tonight might be the night that I get invited up there by one of the biggest rock stars that has ever walked the planet.'

"It's not like, 'You stand over there and let me do my thing, and I'm going to put these security guards between us so you can't get close to me . . .' It's made very clear, like, 'Hey, we're in this together.'"

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long-time bruce fan, we were talking/joking about this under the rosalita video on youtube the other day, i said they'd be grandmothers now...i always assumed bruce's people did sort of plan this or give the okay but maybe you're right, that'd be nice if true...hope they get the story

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