"Some of the most incredible experiences and successes I've experienced as a Phoenix musician resulted from people agreeing to volunteer their time on my projects," Krystle says. "Likewise, by being the 'yes woman' to any request to collaborate, I become exposed to new experiences and people to work with in the future. Musicians worry about their time being attenuated from involvement in too many things, but productivity generates productivity. In order for the Phoenix music community to really make a name for itself, we need to become a 'yes woman' city."

Indeed, just hearing about Scattered Melodies and projects like it is enough to ignite excitement in local musicians. Singer/songwriter and producer David Jackman, who is a member of bands The Premiere and Peachcake, calls Scattered Melodies "a prime example of forward-thinking for Phoenix," which needs collaborative culture to compete with more established music scenes on a national scale.

"With iPods, streaming music, and never having to really leave your own house to find out what's going on, there's really not a lot of incentive to explore and discover musical ideas with people from different persuasions," Jackman says. "Something like Scattered Melodies makes music all about community, which is nothing but good for Phoenix."

Scattered Melodies: An "amazing, selfless act of compassion."
Courtesy of Scattered Melodies
Scattered Melodies: An "amazing, selfless act of compassion."
Courtesy of Scattered Melodies

Location Info


Sail Inn

26 S. Farmer Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Tempe


Scattered Melodies is scheduled to perform Friday, June 21, at The Sail Inn in Tempe.

The duo hopes to release more Scattered Melodies albums, with new singers and musicians for each album. Besides allowing artists to expose their sounds to new audiences through Scattered Melodies, the band is one way to motivate Arizona artists to stick around locally — until the next album release party, at least.

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