Then, there's that aforementioned theme song, performed at the beginning and the end of each of the handful of gigs they played. Written by Mischke, it's a concise distillation of the She*Riffs' style, but it's also flexible: During a show in support of the Joe Arpaio Recall effort at Bragg's Pie Factory, they made a minor alteration to the lyrics, singing, "Arpaio, you're going down / 'Cause we're the new sheriffs in town!"

A recent tour of California sent the She*Riffs to play well-attended shows in Los Angeles and San Diego, but the gigs wound up signaling the end of their term as Phoenix's new sheriffs in town, because the "Violence Girl" has told her bandmates she will be moving back to her home state of California. Stern will continue to play guitar and sing in JJCnV, and Mischke and Young have the oft-gigging French Girls to keep them busy.

The She*Riffs did manage to document their output for an EP that they sold at their handful of performances. For her part, memoirist Alice Bag thinks it's as important as ever before to leave a record of what is, especially given the fragile nature of rock bands. She says she always was aware of the importance of writing and recording music when you can, rather than waiting for what she calls "perfect circumstances to record in a professional studio," because those opportunities may never come.


Alice Bag's Violence Girl is available at local bookstores and the Phoenix Public Library.

Their time as a band was brief, but the spring of 2013 will be remembered in the garage-punk scene as a time when there were four new She*Riffs in town.

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A sad day for music in some respects but I now look forward to what the she*riff girls that stayed in the phx will end up producing next. 3 no nonsense strong willed women who are not afraid to be girls or kick your ass can surely whip up some more amazing music to gnaw on.

Just hope you are one of the lucky few to get your hands on a she*riffs cd, of which apparently only 1-200 were pressed.

In the mean time, JJC&V and the French Girls can surely rock your world.

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