Whisperfest carries on that decidedly regional angle by featuring acts like Saddles and Instructions, attempting to draw fans from the Valley up to the highlands while fostering a relationship between Phoenix and Prescott. "Once we got the official lineup announced, the first things people notice are the Phoenix artists that they've seen, that they enjoy," Stasica says. And though Prescott is just a short drive up I-17 for Phoenix fans, Prescott's motto of being "Everybody's Hometown" rings true for Playboy Manbaby, and hopefully for Whisperfest's attendees. "Prescott's pretty much as close as we have to a home away from home as far as shows go," Pfeffer says.

The festival is in its first year, but Whisperfest could mean yet another shift in a constantly changing musical community, this time squarely in the direction of Prescott's younger generation. It's not a simple task, and it's hard to keep grounded, but the relationship between Valley bands looking for a eager crowd and the small-town crowd itself could mean a new chapter for both parties.

Saddles: One of the several Valley acts heading north for this weekend's Whisperfest.
Saddles: One of the several Valley acts heading north for this weekend's Whisperfest.


Whisperfest is scheduled for Saturday, July 27, and Sunday, July 28, at Whispering Pines Camp in Prescott.

Stasica is aware of the challenges that Prescott's independent community faces. When asked, point blank, what it will take to keep things moving, he doesn't miss a beat — the words are out of his mouth faster than the question is asked. "We need community support and tenacity, man. Just not giving up."

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