Ten Years After replaced singer Alvin Lee in 2003 with Joe Gooch, who is nearly half the age of the band; the youthful spark keeps them going. Lee is proud to say that many bands have refused to go on stage after them, because they drain an audience. The point will be moot in Flagstaff — they're headlining. They continue to tour internationally, while sustaining individual side projects. Ric Lee's Natural Born Swingers released their debut album, Put a Record On, in the United States on July 16.

Canned Heat put out its 32nd studio record last year, a compilation album titled Revolution. The entire Canned Heat story is in de la Parra's book, Living the Blues, he says, but the focus with this album was "a compilation of anti-establishment, revolutionary and subversive songs." It features such tracks as "Sick of Them Pigs."

Perhaps the most diverse musician at the Flagstaff Honors the Heroes Festival is Edgar Winter, who extended his success into television and film through his music. My Cousin Vinny and Wag the Dog feature original tracks recorded by Winter, who also performed soundtrack work in Dazed and Confused and Wayne's World 2. Edgar Winter is possibly the only person in existence who can tell a first-hand account of sharing the stage with Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock and immediately follow it up with a story about collaborating with Eminem on the song "Dying to Live," for the 2003 documentary Tupac: Resurrection.

Canned Heat: Wrote the unofficial theme song of Woodstock.
Canned Heat: Wrote the unofficial theme song of Woodstock.
Edgar Winter: Woodstock put him on the map.
Edgar Winter: Woodstock put him on the map.

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Pepsi Amphitheater

2446 Fort Tuthill Loop, Fort Tuthill County Park
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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Region: Outside the Valley


The Flagstaff Honors the Heroes Festival is scheduled for Saturday, August 3, at the Pepsi Amphitheatre in Flagstaff.

For all their stature and experiences, these musicians hold a fond memory of what once was but maintain an optimistic view of the future. All three of them believe good music is still out there, being created, whether it's being listened to or not. Fans will find a rare entry into those fond memories in Flagstaff this weekend — and when it's gone, it's gone.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

What you don't know can't hurt you - so don't take this too kindly, but there is a Woodstock type event (trademark) that occurs every summer in the United States - produced by the tribes which formed during that iconic event. 

It's called the Rainbow Gathering.  Original musicians still perform constantly during the 1 week event - everything is free (members of the tribe prepare the site for months prior - planting gardens, digging latrines, prepping trails, etc.).  I've NEVER seen one of these "stars" which owe their careers to the participants at Woodstock at a single one of the events, nor do I hear of any support from them to help produce the events. 

It's been happening every year since Woodstock and is completely not-for-profit.  I'm sorry that the "stars" of Woodstock don't know anything about it - but why would they, they were just the entertainment.  The real show was the people living together in harmony.


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