Vintage Trouble @ Crescent Ballroom

Vintage Trouble
Lee Cherry
Vintage Trouble


Vintage Trouble is scheduled to perform Tuesday, August 12, at Crescent Ballroom.

Hollywood-based retro-rock outfit Vintage Trouble may only have one studio album, 2012's The Bomb Shelter Sessions, but the band's résumé is impressive nonetheless. Vintage Trouble already has opened for The Who, Dave Matthews Band, and Bon Jovi. The band played alongside Kiss' Paul Stanley at his 60th birthday party, and lead vocalist Ty Taylor was invited to front Queen for Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday celebration. At SXSW, Vintage Trouble was named the fourth-best live performance of the festival by Paste, and that left them behind only The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jack White, and Bruce Springsteen. Steeped in the musical history of Laurel Canyon, the four-piece's sound is reminiscent of vinyl and jukeboxes, of '50s and '60s blues-based rock — think Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, The Animals. The band's recording methods are just as historical. Taking their distinctly American music to Europe, the band found itself moving from small, underground pubs to opening stadium gigs for Bon Jovi. Having edged out Rihanna and Glee on the Amazon UK charts, Vintage Trouble returns to the United States to tell its story. Told with an intuitive grasp on influences like Otis Redding, Funk Brothers, The Beatles, The Black Keys, and Ike & Tina, it's a story you don't want to miss.

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Rose Mary Taccetta
Rose Mary Taccetta

LOVE LOVE LOVE Vintage Trouble - amazing opening to The Who here in February - I've got a crowd going to the Crescent Ballroom Tuesday!

Tom Pankowski
Tom Pankowski

You guys are great! I saw you open for The Cranberries in Chicago.

Katie Palubiak
Katie Palubiak

Jaime Spencer-Sidener you and Pat should go see them if this venue is near you! I promise, you won't regret it! We're going end of the month here!! Love this band!

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