"So we try not to become irritating, but still be persistent. There's a fine line between the two.

"And the radio show has presented another challenge for me, because I've had to learn how to operate a radio console, as opposed to an engineering board, and I've had to learn things like creative teasing. So the value of being in the public eye and knowing what tactics are used to maintain an audience — these are valuable things that I can use in my music. On top of that, they write me a check for it. You can't beat that."

It's been years since West Coast hip-hop had an entity that could compete with the likes of Jay Z or Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment. MC Magic sees the void, but he's not sure he wants to be the one to fill it.

Magic in his trademark "cocaine white" suit.
Anthony Sandoval
Magic in his trademark "cocaine white" suit.

"I think the biggest label that made noise in the West Coast was Death Row Records," he says, "but they were about a movement in an era where everyone wanted to be a gangster. 'Kill a mothafucka with my gat' sounded real good back then, and it inspired a lot of people to do that.

"My label was created to support me. So I don't see it like a Death Row at all. I see it more like a little gold mine that I'm leaving for my kids. In the end, you never know when you're going to go. My label's already set up; it's like clockwork. The checks just come in. That clockwork will be the treasure that I've left for my kids."

On top of all of his enterprising, Magic also works hard at his other passion, his relationship with his wife of 18 years, Lucy, his three sons, and his granddaughter, Zoe. His oldest son, Marco, has left the nest, so Lucy focuses on their two younger boys.

"I have a wonderful wife," he says. "Anytime I have a weekend off, my priority is to just be with the family, and we always have dinner together."

Although he's surrounded by adoring female followers, his wife takes it all in stride. "She takes a lot of pride in what I do, and she really knows I'm out there working for the family," he says. "We work as a team; it's a perfect situation."

He met Lucy at a swap meet on 27th Avenue when she was just 13 and he was 23.

"It was one of the first places where I sold my custom raps," he says. "I had no intentions of chasing this little girl, but she was just so beautiful. I left that swap meet and didn't see her again until she was 17. When I saw her again, I begged her to go out with me. She wouldn't for the longest time, but finally she said, 'I'm going to go out with you once just to get you off my back.'"

With his house in order and with checks continuing to roll in, Magic feels no need to party like a rock star. You may see him "all up in the music video, all on the records, dancing," as Death Row's Suge Knight once said, but you still won't catch him all up, as 50 cent rapped, "in da club."

He'd rather not disclose how many zeroes are on his average check or the level of his bank account, but he estimates that his brand is worth at least a million dollars.

Magic says, "I'm a low-key kind of guy. Every jock at the station has to work remotely sometimes. Whether they're hosting at the Pink Rhino, this nightclub, or that nightclub, I don't. If I did, it would send a different message about me.

"Maybe if one of my songs was to get to the next level — then we could probably play with that. But I don't aspire to be P. Diddy. I aspire to be MC Magic, and to inspire the people who've been following me."

MC Magic will keep chasing international fame. But his fans — 400,000 between Twitter and Facebook — can rest assured that however far he ventures into pop realms, he'll always come back to that one common thread.

After all, he reminds us again, "Love is the reason you were born, bro. Love is relevant forever."

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"cocaine white" is also a term used by the rapper Brotha Lynch in a song titled "Did It And Did It" where he is describing a suped up Nova's color.  

"In my brothers Cocaine White nova, shift kit, high rise intake manifold 350 motor"


His fascination with "cocaine white" sounds super suspect, typical record label/ drug trafficker.....

Josh Skora
Josh Skora

He used to DJ at my middle school dances back in the early 90's lol


I love mc magic hes the bomb :) they say when u have haters your doing something right an u def are :) keep up the good work keep making music an doing concerts awesome job finding mobfam love them also keep uo the good work :)


I've never heard of this guy. please let us know when he gets killed in drive-by shooting.


@Broski_Love 1 reference in 1 song vs.  Everything you say about why you wear white is apples to oranges.  HSI better watch this guy

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