As the label has taken off, all its activity has left a serious dent in his own music-making as Peanut Butter Wolf. He has little time to generate his own output or even engage "the huge record collection I've amassed over the years." Still, Manak — whose work as a beat-maker leans on substantial crate-digging and his sharp knack for building profoundly warm- and old-school-feeling tunes — doesn't regret the move at all. "I'm still very creative in different ways. I'd regret it if I was forced to do something I wasn't inspired to do out of money necessity," he says. "I've seen that happen to other artists and I feel for them."

Even with the label's cachet and strong ideological identity, it caters to a niche. This is a niche that is loyal to the charms of largely bygone styles of black music and the cause of amassing a distinct, cutting-edge roster, but a niche nonetheless. Manak finds a lot of good in Stones Throw occupying its own pocket of cultural real estate. "I just had a few people devote the past couple years of their life to a full-length feature documentary, so I feel like we're more of a secret society then a slept-on label," he says about Jeff Broadway's Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton (This Is Stones Throw Records).

Peanut Butter Wolf: "I put out what I like."
Peanut Butter Wolf: "I put out what I like."

Location Info


Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Central Phoenix


Peanut Butter Wolf is scheduled to perform Saturday, August 17, at Crescent Ballroom.

"Blue Note Records was founded in 1939 — if my memory serves me — and didn't have a true hit record 'til Norah Jones in the 2000s. I'd prefer to be that label who never had a hit but stayed in business for 60-plus years. Atlantic was a blues label that attracted Led Zeppelin — one of their biggest artists ever — because all of Led Zeppelin's favorite blues artists were on that label. Being true to themselves paid off for Atlantic. If I ended Stones Throw today, I'd feel blessed by the ride God has taken me on so far, but my work isn't done yet."

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