Tullis' fiancée is next to him, trying to book their honeymoon flight to Sweden, and there's no talk of checking out any Children of Bodom show.

"I'm probably gonna come back all Björk and Sigur Rós'd out."

The band that originally put up the Kickstarter page, which raised the funds for Tennessee, only consisted of the Pangburns and Beal. The addition of Tullis and Maddox has made it a different band, a fact that Mickey acknowledges when follow-up material is mentioned.

The Prowling Kind
The Prowling Kind

Location Info


Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Central Phoenix


The Prowling Kind's CD release party is scheduled for Thursday, August 29, at Crescent Ballroom.

"I'm really excited with the direction it's going. I'm still doing all the lyrics," says Mickey. "It seems more mature. When one person writes the majority of the content, you're just adding depth to it, but when everyone's playing off each other you can create a good sound. We have two new songs we're getting solidified, one of which is blues rock all the way, the other one a little more ambient, and then it goes into some rock 'n' roll — it's got a surfer rockabilly vibe."

"I think we're staying in the Americana vein; we're influenced by different eras, simple chord structures," says Jesse. "We're not trying to be far out and abstract in what we do. We have a very Americana sound, to me."

For now, the subject matter of writing about fleeing from a homicidal dad would seem to be exhausted, with Mickey seemingly wiser for the wear, to quote the album's closing track.

"Made for some good depressed music," she muses philosophically. As for her dad, he just got out of prison two years ago. "I'm not concerned about it. He's getting pretty old, and I haven't heard anything. And I don't live with my mom anymore, so . . . He used to threaten to kill her and say, 'I want my daughter.' Anytime he'd find us at a location, we'd leave."

The Prowling Kind doesn't plan to stay in one place, either. A run from Arizona to Nashville is planned for November, along with return trips to L.A., where they just got offered a spot at the Roxy and did a gig at the Hotel Café, where Katy Perry got her start.

"We didn't want to just be a good band in Phoenix," says Mickey. "We wanted to play outside the market." The Prowling Kind is moving along like a band that knows what it is, where it's going, and what will put it there.

"Someone recently told us, 'You guys are like a folk band with teeth'," smiled Mickey. "I like that. That's a pretty good description."

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The band kicks-ass live...I expected a mellow band ...but the Prowling Kind rocks.  See them in a smaller venue before they get really big.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

I hope that they're able to find they're way into a showcase like SXSW in Austin where they can really gain some national attention.


@JohnQ.Public We're sure trying to do that John! Thanks for the kind thought :)

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

Saw you at Pub Rock Live in July and I was really impressed with both the music and the performance.  Best of luck with the new album.

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