Another one of the down-to-earth community aspects of heavy metal is that it is the one world where the focus isn't just on what's popular. This isn't just a group of guys bringing all of their friends on board to play.

"I've lost a few friends because some people feel entitled to play this event, just because it's in their home state," says Rodgers. "Yeah, we may have a ton of great bands in Arizona, but I have to spread those out over multiple years. If you can't or won't have the patience to wait, well, don't fucking take it out on me."

Southwest Terror Fest also is following a typical music festival format. Besides the usual merch booths, there will be clothing and accessory vendors, food trucks, and local businesses like Lindy's on 4th and Black Rose Tattooers. And while Southwest Terror Fest is tailored to extreme metal musicians and fans, no one's going to discriminate if you decide you want to show up just to get a taste of the culture and learn about some new bands.

Sacred Reich: "All festivals begin with humble origins."
Sacred Reich: "All festivals begin with humble origins."

Location Info


The Rock

136 N. Park Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

Category: Music Venues

Region: Outside the Valley


Southwest Terror Fest is scheduled to take place from Thursday, October 10, through Sunday, October 13, at The Rock in Tucson.

So will Southwest Terror Fest eventually grow to a West Coast Maryland Death Fest?

"All festivals begin with humble origins," says Sacred Reich's Rind. "And some can grow to massive proportions with the support of the fans, strong financial backing from the promoter and sponsors and the right mix of bands."

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