And therein lies the duality that permeates the very fabric of Switchfoot's existence: In seeking to step outside the comfort zone and do things differently each time, the band is in a sense, doing the exact same thing every time. It is not easy constantly trying to refine yourself as a musician and a person, and it is not easy to refine your beliefs as you go through life, but Foreman and the rest of Switchfoot are constantly making the attempt, however difficult. Part of the reason is simple: They know their fans are just as invested in this group as they are. Foreman feels that pressure acutely.

"The moment you figure out that people other than your best friends might actually hear the song that you're writing, it influences your writing style as well, for better and for worse," he admits. "Sometimes it forces you to get out of your headspace, your comfort zone, and write about some larger subject matter, but other times I think you begin to second-guess yourself in some ways that aren't healthy. Those are the things that I wrestle with, trying to find a way to use a song to grapple with big issues without chickening out. Speaking truth is the hardest thing to do."

As Fading West shows, anything worth doing is bound to be hard at times. You leave family, friends, and your regular life behind, and the actual doing can be a grind. But early in the film, Foreman makes a statement that perfectly encapsulates the ongoing joys and struggles the band has to deal with.

Switchfoot: All eyes on Fading West
Chris Burkard
Switchfoot: All eyes on Fading West

Location Info


Grand Canyon University Arena

3300 W. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85017

Category: Music Venues

Region: West Phoenix


Switchfoot is scheduled to perform Sunday, November 3, at Grand Canyon University Arena.

"If you're leaving your family behind," Foreman begins, "you'd better believe in what you're singing."

Foreman believes in the band's songs, and so do his fans. Life on the road might not be easy, but for Foreman, it sure as hell is worth it.

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