Ask a Mexican on Exploiting Illegal Immigrants and Avoiding Shitty Family Members

My father and mother were able to come over because after the "yellow scare" was over, the States didn't seem to mind that Chinese were coming over here by the boatloads. Since my parents were given visas and green cards pretty easily, my father was able to get into school pretty easily. This seems to be pretty prevalent among most of the Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Indian populace (a.k.a. the model minority groups). As a result, immigrants from China, Taiwan, Korea, and India have been able to get an education here and prosper. Additionally, many of these immigrants have a pride for their home country (as do Mexicans — unlike what most of the anti-immigration crowd thinks, you're not the only ones who wave your home country's flags around). This resulted in a lot of newly educated Chinese, Taiwanese, South Koreans, and Indians bringing skills and expertise back to their home country. This allowed the aforementioned countries to build up. And these countries have begun to pump out fewer immigrants since there are a great number of job opportunities, better education systems, and better living conditions overall (still a ways to go in China and India, but it'll get there).

So my point being: Why doesn't the United States grant a greater number of Mexicans green cards, visas, or college education? I mean, it would stop all the whiners from saying, "We'll all be speaking Spanish soon." I mean, seriously, if the States would allow more Mexicans in legally, then we'd have more Mexicans with actual opportunities in the States, which would mean Mexico would eventually benefit, and in turn would reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico. You're a much better fact and statistics finder than I am (and you reach a lot more people than I do), so I was wondering if there is any way you could let some of those wall-building whiners know that billions spent on letting Mexicans in and helping them succeed now (the illegals are a necessity anyways — New York would grind to a halt if the legal or illegal immigrants left) is a whole lot better in the long run than billions spent building a wall that doesn't work, then spending billions more to tear it down when we realize that the damn wall separates us from our neighbors and destroys ecosystems that keep America from turning into the Sahara.
Baby of Immigrants (Doesn't Really Matter If They Are Legal or Illegal)

Hear, hear all around. I'll just note that the Right wants to keep Mexicans pendejos, poor, and illegal because it makes it that much easier to scapegoat and exploit them. You rarely hear Know-Nothings go after Indians, for instance (who by far get the largest share of high-tech visas: 64 percent compared to Mexico's puny 1.2 percent), because they'd go all Shiva on them with their money, education, and ghost peppers.


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Confidential to: The young student at Claremont McKenna College who approached me after my recent speech there to fret about family members not liking her because she's not 100 percent Mexican. Don't pay attention to the haters. I know that the Mexican part of you feels you're obliged to hang out and respect family members because they're familia. Screw that. Never surround yourself with people who obsess about racial cultural purity, because they're the ones whose futures are doomed in this multicultural reality of ours — they're going to end up whining as much as neo-Nazis. Always surround yourself with people who'll celebrate your diverse background. Stand strong, breath deep, and repeat after me: ¡A la chingada con haters!

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US citizens are now 3rd class citizens in their own country   illegals vote                             illegal aliens get welfare


"Since my parents were given visas and green cards pretty easily, my father was able to get into school pretty easily. "

Mr. Gustavo Arellano, are you speaking here as the voice of an Asian?  It's just a little fuzzy what you're trying to do here.

Also, if immigrants are given visas and green cards, then likely they are following Immigration policies and rules, and thus have legal status.  It means they didn't sneak across the border or overstay their visas without bothering to check in with Immigration.

"Yes, we swam across the river and have gone undetected for years, had babies on U.S. soil, and we want you to give us a pass, pretend we did nothing wrong, and grant us U.S. citizenship."

Not gonna happen.


Wow, I'm sure glad you're not a bigot. You all keep forgetting that all this land was once "Mexico". The more negative news coverage the more ignorant YOU people get. Just because it says so on TV, paper, twitter and facebook then it MUST be true, right? 

What's wrong with the USA building Mexico' economy. We give so much money all over the world and you say NO to our neighboors to the South. How many terrorist have come through Mexico. Mexicans got our back. Hard working families. Less that 1 % of these illegals are in the drug business. No matter the employers that hire them and rip them off will continue to do so because our government allows it.

All these jobs that THEY take away from US. It's not fair, rirgt? Well, these lazy Americans can't do or won't do the work. Yea, send them back where the come from and see how our economy goes. Viva, Gringo y Viva la Raza 


The only people whining are the liberals and all the illegal aliens crossing our borders. Gimme a break! You want us to help build the economies of Mexico and the freaking world?  Gimme me two breaks. No one wants to keep people poor because they insist on crossing our borders illegally. We want them to do it the right way, like your family did.  We have more than enough poor of our own without taking on the world's.

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