A report issued last year titled "ALEC in Arizona" and sponsored by Common Cause and People for the American Way, found Kavanagh to be one of the many state legislators who has accepted ALEC gifts ranging from $175 to $1,448 over the years.

There's nothing illegal about this. Legislators are required to list the source of any such gifts of more than $500 in their annual financial-disclosure forms to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office, though they don't have to give details.

Kavanagh has complied with this requirement. The last one he filed, in January 2013, listed gifts from ALEC, as well as from a group I was unfamiliar with, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

Buddy, can you spare plane fare to China?
New Times Photo Illustration; Wikimedia Commons
Buddy, can you spare plane fare to China?

According to the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the People's Republic of China, CPAFFC is one of China's major foreign-affairs organizations, founded in 1954, for the "promotion of friendship and mutual understanding between the Chinese people and other peoples throughout the world."

Kavanagh doesn't mention it on his disclosure form, but he recently confirmed to me that in 2012, the CPAFFC paid for him and his wife to visit three cities in China with other legislative leaders from other states.

"It was a friendship and educational trip, and we visited Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing," he wrote via e-mail. "It was sponsored by [CPAFFC] and facilitated through the National Conference of State Legislatures. It was their legislative leaders trip. I was the only Arizona attendee."

When I asked again whether CPAFFC had paid for the entire trip for himself and his wife, he answered, "Yes."

The couple hasn't made a big secret of it. Mayor Linda Kavanagh has a Facebook page, where you'll find photos of her and Kavanagh smiling on the Great Wall of China with politicians from other states.

Kavanagh is not the only one who takes trips like this. Both Democrats and Republicans in the Arizona Legislature have taken junkets to other states or countries on the dime of various organizations.

And in our state parliament of bums, I wouldn't say Kavanagh is the biggest.

Though, if I were the reincarnation of dreaded Wisconsin U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy, I might observe that the People's Republic of China technically still is communist, and Kavanagh took a trip financed by an arm of a commie government.

I know, I know. In our crazy world, Chinese communists are actually state-backed capitalists. Just like the ones on Wall Street.

To be honest, I wouldn't begrudge Kavanagh the trip at all, were it not for his penchant for targeting the poor.

I mean, if the cost of that trip were converted into cash, can you imagine how many dollar burgers it would buy?

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"Which makes him evermore popular with the bloodthirsty moon-howlers who remain the base of the local Republican Party."  This is "journalism"?

And you are against a law

"preventing poor people from soliciting within 15 feet of an ATM or bank entrance and within 10 feet of a bus stop. Amusingly, Kavanagh felt the need to write in an exception for the bus driver asking for a prospective rider's fare."

(Idiotic use of sarcasm award so for for 2014)

However, your side wants a similar to prevent people's free speech in front of abortion clinics?  Typical Libtard Logic.

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