Taking cues from such noise fixtures as Prurient and Whitehouse, this is the soundtrack to the type of insanity that lands one in a straitjacket. It looks to be a good year for Loberg, with a mess of releases in the works, including one on floppy disc.

Dealing: Dealing is the auditory extension of TK Nicholson, a writer, publisher, website curator, and longstanding presence in the Phoenix music scene. Though abrasive, Dealing exists below full-powered harsh noise. His is a sonic mental gridlock littered with samples from obscure B-movies and plodding, static, warlike drumbeats.

Last year was a productive one for Dealing, which released two tapes, one of them a split with Tropical Body, an incarnation of Little Rock, Arkansas' reclusive William Cody Watson, as well as a seven-inch EP on the aforementioned Gilgongo. Keep an ear to the ground for more releases from Dealing in the future, and check out the Polyphase Records booth at Double Nickels Collective in Tempe for quality records stocked by Nicholson.

Genital Stigmata/Geiger Retort: Sample-driven mayhem.
Genital Stigmata/Geiger Retort:
Sample-driven mayhem.


Glochids and Genital Stigmata are scheduled to perform Thursday, February 27, at the Sonoran Pop Fest in Tempe. Genital Stigmata is scheduled to perform Thursday, March 6, at Wallstreet Warehouse.

Shun the Atavist: Shun the Atavist is the brainchild of Joe Maynard. Wielding a dense output of tracks via digital download, the audio technician covers all basis of experimental audio, ranging from harsh noise to ambient drone. His source material includes circuit-bent children's toys and various computer programs that seem practically indecipherable to the uninitiated.

Though Shun the Atavist has never performed live or produced physical releases (at least in recent years), there is some truly compelling composition by Maynard. Keep up with his continued output at shunthe atavist.wordpress.com.

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Michael Swann

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Michael Swann

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