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If your idea of going out centers around your competitive edge, there are plenty of spots downtown where you can get your game on. The new Vig Fillmore offers free bocce courts and plenty of craft cocktails (named after downtown neighborhoods) for a more upscale gaming experience. However, if you're looking to take out pent-up frustration, you can try your hand at boxing in the ring on Sunday mornings at The Duce. If that's too aggressive for your tastes, the bar offers friendlier free, nightly competition by way of ping-pong, corn hole, shuffleboard, and foosball. For a more classic bar gaming experience, head to Rose & Crown English Pub, where billiards is the name of the game. Though the pub no longer has a dartboard, you can flex your mental muscles during the team trivia on Wednesday nights beginning at 7 p.m.
Vig Fillmore: 606 N. 4th Ave., 602-254-2242 www.thevig.us
The Duce: 525 S. Central Ave., 602-866-3823, www.theducephx.com
Rose & Crown English Pub: 628 E. Adams St. 602-256-0223, www.theroseandcrownaz.com

Sarah Hurwitz
Sarah Hurwitz

If you think Phoenix has no culture, you haven't been to one of the small theaters around town. Some of the town's up-and-comers can be seen at the nonprofit Space 55, which hosts everything from underground plays to musical variety shows. The theater focuses on exposing new acts, while also making attending stage productions more affordable and accessible. If you're in it for the improv, though, Torch Theatre is the place for you. This community-centric theater specializes in all things off the cuff, giving a unique look into the creative process that other theater experiences just don't have. Finally, the historic Phoenix Theater, located just east of the Phoenix Art Museum off McDowell Road and Central Avenue, is the perfect place to spot rising stars in the theater world on stage or behind the scenes. The theater just opened a state-of-the-art black box venue.
Space 55: 636 E. Pierce St., 602-663-4032, www.space55.org
Torch Theatre: 4721 N. Central Ave., 602-456-2876, www.thetorchtheatre.com
Phoenix Theatre: 100 E. McDowell Road, 602-254-2151, www.phoenixtheatre.com

Phoenix's movers and shakers know where to get down in town, and downtown is where it's at for getting your groove on. Hidden House Cocktail Lounge is one such place, with a reputation for playing great hip-hop and serving cheap drinks. In North Phoenix, Apollo's Lounge is a must-stop for hipsters looking to shake a leg to their favorite indie jams. That's because Apollo's is home to Tongue Tied, which has played with themes such as an arcade-themed Arcade Fire dance party. If you're craving a darker dance experience, Monarch Theatre, located in the heart of downtown next door to fellow dance clubs Bar Smith and Sky Lounge, is the gothy, industrial place for you. Just be sure to wear your blackest blacks and tightest vinyl, otherwise you probably won't fit in with the cool kids jamming on EDM, live music, and the occasional fashion show.
Hidden House Cocktail Lounge: 607 W. Osborn Road, 602-279-0170, www.facebook.com/thehiddenhousephx
Apollo's Lounge: 5749 N. 7th St., 602-277-9373, www.apollos.com
Monarch Theatre: 122 E. Washington St., 602-456-1991, www.monarchtheatre.com

If your idea of a good time centers on music, there are plenty of bars and venues for watching live music, discovering classics in a great old jukebox, or listening to a vinyl-spinning DJ. Char's Has the Blues is a good place to get soul in your life. While the dancing at Char's is just as good as any of the dance clubs mentioned, the music played, both live and recorded, makes it a prime destination for music nerds. If you're itching to catch a solid blues act or see up-and-coming acts before they blow up, Rhythm Room is the venue to check out. You also can take the stage yourself if you've got the pipes to match your courage by going to Kobalt for karaoke. While you're there, you can catch live drag shows and big-screen airings of RuPaul's Drag Race.
Char's Has the Blues: 4631 N. 7th Ave., 602-230-0205, www.charshastheblues.com Rhythm Room: 1019 E. Indian School Road, 602-265-4842, www.rhythmroom.com
Kobalt: 3110 N. Central Ave., #125, 602-264-5307, www.kobaltbarphoenix.com

Maybe you've had a busy week. Maybe all you're looking to do is get a drink and relax. That's okay. In fact, neighborhood hangouts like Main Ingredient Ale House cater to low-key folk like you who are still looking to get out of the house. With an impressive, ever-changing craft beer offering and a large patio with little fire pits, it's easy to lose track of time at Main Ingredient and end up there until it closes. The Lost Leaf, right off Roosevelt Row, is another great spot for craft beer lovers to unwind. Usually buzzing with regulars, the beer- and wine-only bar also features live music ranging from punk to jazz to indie favorite Wooden Indian every Thursday. If you want a good strong classic cocktail to accompany your calm, Hanny's combines casual with upscale, all in the trappings of an old department store. Best part, all of the upholstered benches in Hanny's are made to recline.
Main Ingredient Ale House: 2337 N. 7th St. 602-843-6246, www.tmialehouse.com
Lost Leaf: 914 N. 5th St., 602-258-0014, www.thelostleaf.org
Hanny's: 40 N. 1st St., 602-252-2285, www.hannys.net

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