None of which is surprising. Scuttlebutt for years has it that Horne had his hacks labor on his campaigns while he was superintendent of public schools. And, to be honest, he'd hardly be the first Arizona pol to use his office in this manner.

What's different is that there is evidence, a growing Camelback Mountain-size pile of it — some supplied by Horne's own sloppiness.

For instance, as I revealed in a recent blog post, Horne apparently used his own campaign Gmail account to sign up for news and updates from the Brnovich campaign.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, here being questioned during a hearing into possible campaign finance law violations.
POOL Photo by Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, here being questioned during a hearing into possible campaign finance law violations.

One of the Brnovich e-mail blasts announced a meet-and-greet with a Republican women's group in Prescott.

This apparently ticked off Horne. He meant to forward the e-mail with the following comment to someone else but hit "reply" instead.

"The Prescott Women's group is one of the largest in the country with about 450 members," Horne kvetches in the message. "They were always very supportive of me. Now they're reported as angry I wouldn't do a joint appearance there. This host list includes a number of people who used to support me."

The time stamp on the e-mail says 2:32 p.m., but flack Grisham would have us believe that Horne sent the e-mail about 7 a.m., before he got to the office.

Brnovich campaign manager Ryan Anderson contested Grisham's spin, providing me with several screen shots of Horne's e-mail record from the software the campaign uses.

He noted that Horne "has opened the e-mail in question dozens of times during the work day."

Indeed, both Horne and staffers, such as Winn, Mecum, and Horne chief of staff Margaret Dugan, have opened these Brnovich campaign teases on numerous occasions this year, according to the software's records.

Both Winn and Dugan say they opened the e-mails at work, but Winn says she opened them just to delete them while Dugan says she did so on breaks or while in the ladies' room.

But this is picayune by comparison to the payload Tom Ryan's dropping soon.

Is this the end of Zombieland as we know it? We can only hope.

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