Who Gets to Chop Off the Head of Tom Horne's Zombie-Like Campaign?

As Tom Horne's zombie-like re-election campaign staggers forth, a question remains: Who will chop off its head?

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's bizarre relationship with women is best described by ex-AG staffer Sarah Beattie, the 26-year-old who has deluged both state and federal authorities with physical evidence demonstrating that Horne and his executive staff have campaigned on state time.

Sitting in the office of her attorney, Tom Ryan, she confides a conversation she had with Horne while still working at the AG's Office.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (right) with his lawyer Michael Kimerer, at a February hearing into allegations that he and outreach director Kathleen Winn violated campaign finance laws in 2010.
Pool Photos/Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (right) with his lawyer Michael Kimerer, at a February hearing into allegations that he and outreach director Kathleen Winn violated campaign finance laws in 2010.

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"Tom Horne once said to me, 'I would love to be [a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints],'" she explains to New Times, referring to the infamous polygamous sect once headed by imprisoned child rapist Warren Jeffs.

In reply to the AG's creepy remark, Beattie repeated to Horne a comment she'd heard her dad make about a "sister wives" reality TV show depicting a polygamous family's home life.

"I told Tom Horne that my dad said, 'Can you imagine anything more awful than five wives yelling at you constantly?'" recalls Beattie.

"And Tom goes, 'I can imagine nothing better.'"

The story rings true for a man who surrounds himself with female surrogates whom he expects to do his bidding, like compliant fembots following Dr. Evil's orders in an Austin Powers film.

Some seem content to play that role, like former Assistant Attorney General Carmen Chenal.

Horne first hired Chenal for a position she was unqualified for at the Arizona Department of Education, while Horne was the state's Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Later, as AG-elect, Horne helped Chenal, who'd been suspended by the State Bar of Arizona, get her law license reinstated.

Horne then hired her to another position many felt she was unqualified for, this time at the AG's Office.

Chenal never has denied being Horne's mistress. Nor has Horne, who is married, denied an affair with the Cuban-American divorcee.

Chenal now works at the law office of Dennis Wilenchik, a political supporter of Horne's, whose firm has taken cases assigned to it by the AG's Office.

Some of the material that Beattie has made public shows that Chenal remains deeply involved in Horne's political work, scouting Molina Fine Jewelers as a possible location for a campaign event (and trying on an $8 million ring in the process) or discussing via e-mail such details as the biscotti to be included in gift bags handed out at fundraisers.

Not that you have to be romantically involved with Horne to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid, play compliant female, and join an ersatz political harem stocked with Stepford wives.

Beattie certainly bucked any such expectations that she would do the fembot bit.

Hired by Horne's outreach director, Kathleen Winn, in August 2013, Beattie explains how she did campaign work on state time as Winn's underling.

Beattie was promoted to Horne's executive staff after about a month and a half on the job and tasked with raising money for his re-election campaign, something she'd done for other Arizona Republicans.

Horne gave her the veritable keys to his kingdom: access to a white, three-ring binder intentionally mislabeled "Border Patrol." It contains a list of Horne donors — in categories such as Fortune 500 executives and attorneys — past and prospective.

Horne kept the binder in the AG's Office. Beattie would fetch it whenever she needed it. She claims she watched Horne solicit donations from it himself while he was in his AG office.

In a sworn affidavit supported by more than 146 pages of exhibits and the "Border Patrol" binder, Beattie makes the devastating accusation that "the majority of people employed in the Executive Office of the Arizona Attorney General's Office were campaigning for Tom Horne during regular business hours."

Beattie's allegations now are in the hands of investigators with the FBI, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, the Arizona Secretary of State's Office, and the Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission.

Campaigning on the state's dime is illegal, and yet Horne, amazingly, maintains that the contrary is true, in spite of the AG's own policies, in spite of Arizona law, in spite of a gathering consensus that Horne, is, politically speaking, the walking dead.

Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk now has revived a campaign-finance case against Horne, reinstating her previous order that he and Kathleen Winn, his office's outreach director, repay $400,000 in campaign contributions deemed improper because of illegal coordination between an independent-expenditure committee Winn once ran and Horne's 2010 campaign for AG.

The AG is appealing Polk's decision. If he loses, Horne's GOP primary rival, former state gaming director Mark Brnovich, stands to benefit directly. A recent poll by an organization friendly to his campaign shows him neck-and-neck with Horne among likely Republican primary voters, with more than a third undecided.

Should Brnovich prove incapable of successfully taking a metaphorical sword to Horne's undead head, there's Democratic rival Felecia Rotellini waiting for vengeance after losing to Horne in 2010 by 60,000 votes.

Rested and ready, she bides her time, raking in cash with which to obliterate what's left of Horne should he survive the primary. She is on track, some say, to have raised $1.5 million by the beginning of the general election.

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I was sure that we'd never have an AG as screwed up as Grant Woods.  Guess I as wrong:(


What really makes me mad is that Tom Horne now has a political advertisement giving himself credit for returning money to the people who lost their homes during the house depression, ut really, that was from the federal government, the DOJ was the Entity that returned that money to Arizona, then Tom Horne took credit for this but then he deducted 50 million dollars to go to the State, and help with the stupid budget!! how do you like that??Ever since he was the Superintendent for the Schools he always screwed everybody, even his girlfriends, and always kissed up to the legislators and the GOP.


Tom Horne has a lawyer working for his office by the name of Kenneth Love who threatened his ex-roommate with a shove. Also, Love's daughter was caught for underage drinking. Neither of them paid any type of fines. http://kennethloveaz.net


I'm curious about this, doesn't the President campaign on the clock too. They are both on the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are both elected officials and they are pay by the month or year if you want to put it that way......not by the hour and don't clock in and out each day..  So how is it that you want to say one or the other is wrong. Even the leader of this country campaigns on taxpayers time!!


When it comes to being a patriot citizen,  none of you people would make a pimple on TH's butt!  So run tell that!   Liberalism is a disease and there's a whole lot of really sick people here!


@rockdog48   Troll -- It is Republicans, even those identified with the TeePity, who are calling on TH to resign from the campaign and, lately, to resign as AG.  Democrats and liberals have been noticeably silent.  

As for patriot citizen -- is your new definition for such require that one be a sociopathic, egotistical, narcissistic scammer of public money and public time?

As for liberalism being sick (compared to TH?????) -- yes, and the sky is down, grass is purple, white is black, cold is hot, carbon dioxide contributes to healthy lungs, and poisoned water that you can light on fire is good for human health and the economy.

Unfortunately for you, liberalism has a factual bias -- just like the "skewed" (chortle) polls that couldn't have been correct that President Obama was going to be re-elected.

Don't you ever get tired, embarrassed, chagrined, or shamed about being wrong 100% of the time?  Or do you fit my description of TH's lack of character?


@rockdog48  Instead of calling silly names, try to construct a cognitive thought and write it down for an adult response.


Instead of name calling, you could perhaps note that the need to get a no-account, shameless huckster like Horne out of office and out of our lives cuts across party lines... Tom Horne's numerous transgressions are unacceptable from ANY public servant! He has to go!

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