Although the recipes have remained constant over its 30 years, Guido's has evolved over time. Araceli Guido, Joe's wife, has breathed new life into the dessert and bakery offerings. Cannoli makes for a nice end to a meal, but the delicate sfogliatelle are artful. They're light, airy, and almost too pretty to eat. She also bakes her own biscotti, fig cookies, and delicious, dense Italian wedding cookies. Ironically, she's Mexican — not Italian — and lately has been making tamales, too. You won't find them on the menu, but if you tell Guido's you're interested, someone will take your phone number and contact you when they're available, usually every six weeks.

Guido's story is a familiar one. Joe moved to Phoenix in 1983 when he was 26, the son of parents who owned a Chicago chain of Italian grocery stores for over 70 years. Seeking warmer weather and a better life, they moved to Scottsdale and Joe eventually took over the family business, turning a 1,400-square-foot takeout counter into a full-fledged restaurant, deli, and successful catering operation. It has an intangible element of character that's lacking in so many Phoenix restaurants, which tend to come and go based on the popular food trend of the day. Joe is a bit of an intimidating character, tall, broad, with a big bald head and a street-smart, tough exterior. But get him talking about food, and he sheds that armor quickly. He's often sitting in one of the booths in the back, directing his staff and greeting customers by name. It's readily apparent that he's proud to carry his family's legacy and that his constant presence in the neighborhood is something that matters.

Time-tested traditions abound at Guido's of Chicago in Scottsdale.
Jackie Mercandetti
Time-tested traditions abound at Guido's
of Chicago in Scottsdale.

Location Info


Guido's Chicago Meat & Deli

10893 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: North Scottsdale


Guido's of Chicago
10893 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday

Lasagna: $12.99
Linguini and clam sauce: $13.99
Meatball Parmesan sub: $9.99
Broaster chicken meal: $10.99

And it does matter. When the Food Network stars burn out and we've finally grown weary of food so finicky that it takes the fun out of eating, when we're tired of concepts and just left with restaurants, we resort to simple food and simple pleasures. And that's exactly what Guido's delivers.

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Salami Provolone is the best sandwich ever. EVER. Can't be recreated. I grew up nearby, but now live across the country. I dream of that sub oil...


Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Best Italian Beef Sausage combo in the state.