Ingrid Michaelson @ Marquee Theatre

Ingrid Michaelson
Ingrid Michaelson

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Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

Category: Music Venues

Region: Tempe


Ingrid Michaelson is scheduled to perform Wednesday, June 25, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

Beginning with MySpace, then on other digital platforms, Ingrid Michaelson has been recording and releasing her own brand of indie-pop music, with a mysterious artsy flair, for more than a decade. In April, she released her latest studio album, Lights Out, which has climbed to number one on the indie chart and, shocking as it may be, number two on the rock chart. "Rock" may be a stretch when classifying Michaelson's sonic brand, but nonetheless, the achievement showcases the power and draw she has garnered since her work's inception in the realm of bubbly pop and feel-good melodic tunes that touch on life-afflicting topics from death to love. Lights Out also is Michaelson's first attempt at co-writing and producing her music through multiple outlets. It's safe to assume that her sharing of creative control was in good hands, however, considering the help she received came from people like Katy Perry and Pink. And the first takeaway, after hearing Michaelson's soft angelic voice contrasted against the grainy vocals of, say, Mat Kearney on tracks like "One Night Town," is whatever the formula for Lights Out, it seems to work.

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