Ask a Mexican on Lying to the U.S. Government

I'm not Mexican, but my son-in-law is. He is intelligent, bright, enthusiastic, and pleasant to spend time with. He came here illegally at age 18 with his aunts. He and my daughter are married, have a 31/2-year-old son, and have gone through the entire process of filing papers and paying fees so he could enter the country legally. Last week, at the instruction of la migra, he went to Juárez, Mexico to apply for his visa. He had his physical after waiting in line for nine hours. Then, on Wednesday, he stood in line for his 9:45 a.m. appointment from 7 a.m. until the consulate closed at 4 p.m. He was told to come back the next day. He showed up at 6 the next morning and was finally granted his interview.

One question that is asked in the interview is "Have you ever used drugs?" Well, being the honest person he is and not ever wanting to be accused of lying, he answered truthfully, "Yes, I tried some with a friend about 6 months ago."

It is from this experience that I have learned our own U.S. Government doesn't care about honest people; it just wants to appear "drug-free." He was told he was banned from the U.S. and to reapply in 21/2 years! My daughter is beside herself with grief. She cannot afford to pay for childcare without the help of her husband, so she will be forced to quit her job. My grandson believes his daddy doesn't love him any more or he would come home. And my son-in-law has learned this lesson: if you want to enter the U.S. legally, don't admit to having done anything wrong — period.

My daughter and grandson now are in mental health counseling, but their plan is to move to Tijuana where a family member owns a home they can live in. My daughter will commute to San Diego if she can find work. And for the next five years, while they go through the entire process over again, I will miss watching my sweet little boy grow up. I will miss having my only daughter and best friend with me, and I will miss having my loving son-in-law here where he belongs with his family.

I've written to my senators asking for intervention and I'm going to get an appointment to see an immigration lawyer, but I'm not terribly confident. Do you hold out any hope for them at all?

Ever hear that canard by Know Nothings that Mexicans don't want to enter el Norte the "right" way? Your yerno is Exhibit Número One on why we don't. Throw in the stupidity of our drug war, and coming into this country legally is more unjustly harder than trying to get your tía to write her tamale secrets down in recipe form. Honestly, the best thing for your son-in-law is to cross over illegally, as undocumented folks nowadays seem to have more protection than those who try to do it the right way — and while I have no problem with that whatsoever, how fucked up is that we've come to this? Wait, that came off very conservative, so let me save my Aztlanista reputation...¡A la chingada con Murrieta!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your son in law. I also believe that he was ill-prepared for this interview by his attorney.  Many times attorneys advise people to go to Juarez for their interviews and a very large number of them don't come back and so their effort not only was denied, but it backfired causing them to get pushed even further to the end of the line (if one such exists) I hate to agree with the person who advised for him to come in legally.. but  that might just be what saves your daughter's sanity, and keep the family together.  Pretty crappy, I know.   But in the long run, and if the members of congress ever get off their asses and pass an immigration reform, I am hopeful that it will include pardons for all those cases that were unjustly told they can't come back for 10 or 20 years.  

Immigration is a very unfair, unjust system that needs fixing bad.   Those there who are supposed to enforce and apply policy don't see the big picture therefore don't know what the hell they're doing.  

Sorry for this experience, sorry for the crappy advise I'm giving you but in reality like one migrant said to me.. "Its easier to come into this country illegally than legally."   I know, I get it. SO SAD.

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