10 Best Staycation Spots in Metro Phoenix

Escapes don't have to be far away destinations.
Escapes don't have to be far away destinations.
Luster Kaboom

If all escape routes out of town seem to be closing for you right now, don't worry -- you can get away mentally without ever leaving the Valley. While the tourism industry booms in Phoenix in the winter and spring, many great resorts and hotels lure locals during the summer months with great deals and the promise of much-needed R 'n' R. Poker and slots, poolside cocktails, vintage vibes, breathtaking views, and some of the Valley's best restaurants wait for your next staycation at these 10 spots.

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Bespoke Inn

Upscale resorts might not be your thing. In fact, maybe you like your stay to be homey and comfortable. Maybe you also like the option of using a basket-laden Pashley bike for a nighttime ride. With a brilliant mix of luxe and cozy, Bespoke Inn's rooms look like they're straight out of the 19th-century English countryside, with more modern-looking common areas and a fountain pool. Best of all, guests get a delicious Mediterranean brunch from Virtù Honest Craft included with their stay in the hotel. Call 480-664-0730 or visit www.bespokeinn.com.

10 Best Staycation Spots in Metro Phoenix
Courtesy of Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort

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Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

For desert beauty junkies, look no further than Sanctuary. The entire property sits on the mountain's slope, giving each room a unique view of Camelback, which turns bright and colorful at sunset. You also can enjoy the view from the newly renovated Jade Bar, which has lounge seats overlooking the mountains and some pretty stellar craft cocktails, too. Call 480-948-2100 or visit www.sanctuaryoncamelback.com.

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