10 Comedians You Should Know

If you don't know this stand up now, he's about to become a household name.
If you don't know this stand up now, he's about to become a household name.
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There are a lot of rising stars in the comedy world right now, and it seems stand-up is in something of a golden age. Even sitcoms, for the most part, have done away with the laugh tracks and traded the sexy Hollywood stars and starlets for professionals in the art of being funny. Truthfully, the more great comedians that are out there performing, the harder it is to know whom to follow. We just want to warn you that the following 10 people likely will have you giggling at your desk.

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John Mulaney

Although John Mulaney is the mastermind behind classic Saturday Night Live character Stefon, he's mostly been a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. That's all about to change in October when his show Mulaney premières on Fox. Kroll Show fans might also recognize him from the "Oh, Hello" skits. If you haven't seen his stand-up special John Mulaney: New In Town on Netflix, do yourself a favor and spend the next hour or so laughing your pants off.

Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser's machine gun-like brand of stand-up is unrelenting. Her performance on the Women Who Kill special (currently available on Netflix) with Amy Schumer, Marina Franklin, and Rachel Feinstein showcased her ability to bounce between raunchy jokes and self-deprecation. Although her MTV show Nikki & Sara Live (co-hosted by the noteworthy Sara Schaefer) was cancelled last year after two seasons, we see great things in her future. After all, she's one of the few comedians who can cram 10 jokes into a couple of minutes and still find a way to roll into each one in a completely effective way.

Moshe Kasher

As an author and playwright, there's no doubt that Moshe Kasher is a smart dude. And not to gush, but his "French Clown" bit is a work of genius. From the absurd premise, use of planted hecklers, and effective build to the final joke, it's definitely a bold closer, not to mention a completely unique skit to throw into a stand-up routine. You might have seen the "French Clown" on Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, but before that, it was part of Kasher's Live in Oakland stand-up special, which, if you haven't seen, you have to watch. It's available to stream on Netflix now.

Jenny Slate

With the recent release of Gillian Robespierre's Obvious Child, starring Slate, she's definitely more on people's radar than ever before. However, her smaller roles, such as Mona Lisa Saperstein on Parks and Recreation and Liz on Kroll Show, have given Slate a solid fan base. Her stand-up, much like her character's in Obvious Child, is deeply personal and just about as honest as you can get, which, in her case, is a recipe for hilarity.

Hannibal Buress

You might know Hannibal Buress from his boy-toy role on Broad City. But if you saw his stand-up at last year's Oddball Comedy Tour (you know, when it actually came to Phoenix), you know his stand-up is killer, too. His mellow demeanor and sharp, witty observational humor complement each other in a totally unexpected and entertaining way. He wrote for both Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, but we're glad he stayed behind the mic for the most part.

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