10 Coolest Buildings in Metro Phoenix

Good Samaritan Hospital
Good Samaritan Hospital
Rick Cooper via Flickr

Look past the sad stucco homes and the nondescript strip malls and you'll see that Phoenix is actually home to some top-notch architecture. From Midcentury Modern to downtown Art Deco and early 20th century Queen Anne cottages, here are our 10 favorite structures in metro Phoenix.

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Good Samaritan Hospital

Despite being built in 1982, Good Samaritan Hospital, still manages to maintain a futuristic aesthetic. The 12-story tower constructed out of shelled concrete was designed by Chicago architect Bertrand Goldberg, who is best known for Chicago-based works like the Marina City complex. The hospital was one of many healthcare facilities designed by Goldberg and featured nurses as the central nervous system of the structure with each floor of the 720-bed tower organized into 15-bed "clusters" surrounding the nurses stations for efficiency.

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