10 Home Decor Trends That Need to Die

Copper has sparked an uprising. It must have been the last style straw to break the camel’s back, because upon its mention, we were instantly inspired. What other home design trends are we so over?

Lots of us have been silent until now. For some reason, we’ve been patiently waiting for the end of these tired trends.

But there’s no excuse. Today is the day we get off our design duffs. It’s time to rise up for what’s right.

We stand and declare the following nine home design trends officially dead to us.

Chevron, be gone.
Chevron, be gone.

Chevron stripes
Here’s the mother lode of all that is design cliché. Can we agree that it had a healthy run? It began in fashion with mini dresses, then maxi dresses, pants, Ts, and finally accessories. If there were shoes, we missed them, thankfully.

Then chevron migrated into homes: pillows, wallpaper, window curtains, shower curtains, throws, comforters, sheets, walls, rugs, upholstery — the list goes on and on. Perhaps there’s something timeless, sweet, and somewhat visually interesting about a good old-fashioned stripe gone rogue. But when a trend has made its way to reusable grocery bags and gift wrap, take note: It’s peaked.

Goodbye, granite.
Goodbye, granite.

We remember a time when granite countertops impressed us. Then we graduated high school and college. We got married, bought our homes, had several jobs, and changed careers. Some of us got divorced and are working on spouse number two. We have children that are driving. Time has moved on. Time to move on from granite, too.

Take a break, taxidermy.
Take a break, taxidermy.

Deer heads
Some people aren’t traumatized when they see Bambi mounted on the wall. That population gave way to the person who started this thing where we mount deer heads and antlers on everything.

Paint yourself right outta this picture.
Paint yourself right outta this picture.

Painted Mason jars
We feel bad for Mason jars. Despite the ages, they’ve stayed true to themselves — even when it meant being the lone vintage ranger in a contemporary modern world. Like many trends, these jars made a comeback for their retro iconic charm.

Then we painted them. In countless colors, like gold or pink, and we dipped them in sparkly glitter, too. Were we jealous of their natural beauty? Surely, Pinterest is to blame. And fine, there’s no need to point fingers. But there is a need to stop.

The great oracle Phoebe warned us about this one.
The great oracle Phoebe warned us about this one.

Fake up-cycle
As if imitation crab isn’t bad enough, along came faux up-cycled decor. Phoebe called it on the Pottery Barn carpet on the “The One with the Apothecary Table” episode of Friends in 2000. Not much has changed in 17 years, so we won’t die on this hill. But we warn you, it might go on your permanent record.

Get you a pillow that can do more.
Get you a pillow that can do more.

Black and white floral pillows
Here’s a totally legit style that’s going down on account of sheer abuse. The simple problem is, everyone and their mother is doing it everywhere, all the time.

Remember when you heard “One Dance” for the first time? You kinda did a little groove. But now you hit skip. Hit it again, for black and white floral.

Read on for more trends to leave behind, like, now.

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