10 Metro Phoenix Athletes to Follow on Instagram

There's been a lot of Instagram love for the artists and photographers in the Phoenix area, but for a city with four major sports teams and a wide variety of other athletes, it's time to venture into the realm of athletes worthy of a follow on Instagram.

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These aren't the only athletes that merit a follow on Instagram, they're just some of the ones we like the most. Feel free to mention your favorites in the comments.

10. dockett90

Most athletes' social media accounts are relatively family friendly and contain mostly inspirational quotes and photos of them in games or working out. Darnell Dockett is decidedly against that mold. Though the Cardinals defensive end's Instagram hasn't gotten him in as much trouble as his Twitter account, it's still the most interesting, offensive, and hilarious account on this list.

9. biznasty

Technically Paul Bissonnette is now a free agent since his contract with the Coyotes came to an end, and technically Bissonnette lives in Canada during the offseason, but during his very recent time as a Phoenix athlete, "Biznasty" made the most of his social media accounts. His humor sometimes rubs people the wrong way, but considering that he probably has more fans on Twitter and Instagram than he does on the ice, he must be doing something right.

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