10 More Celebrities Who Live in Arizona

L.A. Dodger outfielder -- and part-time Arizona resident -- Matt Kemp.
L.A. Dodger outfielder -- and part-time Arizona resident -- Matt Kemp.
Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

Once or twice over the years, we've heard people refer to Arizona as "L.A.'s backyard." It's a sort of demeaning description, most certainly, but also sort of an apt one, considering how many celebrities and VIPs escape from Los Angeles and head our way to get in some rest and relaxation.

Some even dig our state so much that they decide to take up roots in Arizona, or (at the very least) buy a second, or even third, home here.

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Such is the case with the dozen famous people living in Arizona who were included in a list we ran back in May. Turns out there are many more, including politicians, actors, television personalities, and others of great renown who reside in Arizona, at least part of each year.

So much so that we decided to pull together a second rundown of celebrities, those of both the two- and four-legged variety.

10. Dolph Ziggler

When he isn't bashing and body slamming his fellow WWE grapplers or performing in comedy clubs across the country, Dolph Ziggler can likely be found chilling out at his North Phoenix home, or occasionally hanging out backstage at local wrestling events or elsewhere in the Valley. (Heck, our editor even met him at Stand-Up Scottsdale once.) The platinum blonde beefcake has been a local resident, off and on, since 2004, when he moved to the Arizona after being accepted to ASU's College of Law. While fate intervened and Ziggler landed a WWE tryout before ever attending his first class, he's chosen to keep his home in Phoenix over the years.

9. Allison DuBois

Whether you believe that alleged psychic and Valley resident Allison DuBois actually possesses supernatural powers or has ever cracked a case (personally, we think such claims are rather, ahem, dubious) you'd have to agree that she's built a certain degree of both fame and infamy over the last decade. Besides being the inspiration for the TV show Medium, which aired for seven seasons on NBC and CBS, DuBois has written four books and shown up on several talk shows and reality programs (including a not-so-flattering drunken appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2011). You can also catch her at any of the various seminars she conducts around the world, charging anywhere from $95 to $150 a person to attend. And you don't have to be a psychic to realize that such events, which are typically packed, translate to a big payday for her.

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