10 Things to Know About Arizona United Soccer Club

The 2014 starting line up for Arizona United SC.
The 2014 starting line up for Arizona United SC.
Courtesy of Arizona United SC

Arizona United Soccer Club is making comeback that will go down in Arizona soccer history. From finishing at the bottom of the pack during the soccer team's inaugural season last year as the Phoenix FC Wolves to changes in ownership and a complete turnaround of operations and players, the sophomore squad has proven that soccer in Arizona can be successful.

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Here are 10 things you should know about soccer's underdog.

1. The franchise got a fresh start.

After a terrible first season, Arizona Soccer Marketing, the company that owned the Phoenix FC Wolves, decided to give up its rights to the team and cut its loses shortly before the 2014 season was scheduled to begin. Soon after, the USL PRO league announced that Arizona United Soccer Club, led by Kyle Eng, would take over the franchise. While the schedule remained the same, Eng renamed the team. And Arizona United SC was born.

2. The team has made a major comeback.

After nine games, Arizona United SC is currently ranked ninth in the USL PRO league standings with three wins, five loses, one draw. This is huge improvement over the Phoenix FC Wolves, who were at the bottom of the pack last season. Up next Arizona United will travel to play against fourth-ranked Sacramento Republic FC on Saturday, June 7, before heading back home to Peoria to face the Dayton Dutch Lions on Wednesday, June 11.

3. They also have made Arizona soccer history.

On Wednesday, May 28, Arizona United SC became the first team from Arizona to advance to the fourth round of the U.S. Open Cup by defeating Oklahoma City Energy FC two to one. Since the modern era of the cup, which began in 1995, Arizona teams have been unable to make it past the third round in their previous 100 tries. Arizona United SC will host the LA Galaxy at Peoria Sports Complex in the fourth round on Wednesday, June 18.

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