10 TV Shows That Should Be Canceled

10 TV Shows That Should Be Canceled

We should probably just go right ahead and put it out there. We like TV. We like TV a lot, perhaps a little too much at times. But lately, it is getting harder and harder to find a show we want to continue watching after one season.

Some of you may share our pain, and as the news comes out that shows are either being cancelled or renewed, it becomes hard to justify continuing to watch many of them. Some of the shows on our list were once great, but some were never great. As exemplified by the finally over CBS hit So I Married a Bass Player But Then She Died and I Got Back Together with my Ex (you might know it as How I Met Your Mother), some shows really do overstay their welcome.

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Either way, we're about to dissect, albeit grudgingly in some cases, the following 10 shows that should not have been renewed for 2014-15.

10 TV Shows That Should Be Canceled
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10. Helix

We don't even know what to say here. We really don't. The first episode was sort of interesting and showed promise, but every subsequent episode we attempted to wade through was more and more a snoozefest. The one sort of cool thing about this SyFy channel series was the relative anonymity of the cast. As a viewer, we were able to see the characters as exactly who they were supposed to be and not whatever character they had been in previous shows. When informed that this show was coming back for another year, the prevailing thought was, "Why? Nobody watches this show."

10 TV Shows That Should Be Canceled

9. Two and a Half Men

Is Ashton Kutcher even a real person? Of course he is, and based on a few high-profile interviews he's given over the past few years, he's a thoughtful and down-to-earth guy. Having said that, though, if you watch even five minutes of this comedy black hole brought to us by the good folks at CBS, you can easily forget anything interesting that's ever come out of his mouth. Actor Jon Cryer has always carried this show as the odd, little sycophant who seems to have zero luck, except for the fact that he lives in an amazing house on the ocean for nothing.

This season, they introduced the lesbian daughter (Amber Tamblyn) of Charlie Sheen's dearly departed character. Can we officially call this "Jumping the Gay Shark?" We can't believe it was on this year, let alone coming back for another pass at numbing the public's collective mind. Kudos, though, are deserved for convincing Carl Reiner to appear in selected episodes. We hope he did it so he could get in a few dick jokes and not because he needed the money.

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