15 Ridiculously Cute Animals to Follow on Instagram

In case you couldn't tell, we love Instagram. Whether it's athletes and photographers to follow, or learning about how to up our photography game, we can't get enough of this app. However, there is a large part of Instagram that we can ignore no longer: animals.

There is basically an Instagram account for any kind of animal you can think of, and, of course, there are probably too many dedicated to people's dogs and cats. But some have risen above the rest and caught more of our attention than we'd like to admit. And now we have decided to share with you our favorite animals to follow on Instagram.

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15. Grumpy Cat

We couldn't make this list without giving a shout-out to our local furry Internet celebrity, Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat. Tard lives in Morristown, Arizona, with her brother Pokey and her human Tabatha Bundesen. While we'd love to say that her moniker is due to an actual persistent unhappiness with the world, Grumpy Cat's disposition is more due to an underbite and other birth defects rather than her personality. Regardless, we love empathizing with her distaste for pretty much everything, especially on Mondays.

14. Pumpkin

Pumpkin lives in New York, but can mostly be seen with adorable props and stripes against airy, white backgrounds on Instagram. If you're feeling down, just pull up some photos of this pup and get ready to forget anything that's wrong with the world.

13. Lily Pig

Grumpy Cat isn't the only local pet we're throwing on this list. We've got a pig. It's Lily Pig. This little Phoenician is a Vietnamese Potbelly and likes veggies and naps. If we have to say anything else to convince you to go look at photos of a cute, tiny pig, there must be something wrong.

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