20 Signs It's Fall in Phoenix

Fall, is that you?EXPAND
Fall, is that you?
Nina Buday/Shutterstock

Oh hey, fall. We didn't see you there. Mostly because we're in Phoenix, where the signs of you are foretold in footwear, early deployment of soon-to-be-shriveled pumpkins, and the deepest wish to wear heavy coats, despite their being practical only about five days out of the year.

Confused? Join the club — and also keep an eye out for these 20 signs that fall has officially arrived in the Valley of the Sun.

Seasonally appropriate flippies? Check.EXPAND
Seasonally appropriate flippies? Check.
Nadezda Murmakova/Shutterstock

20. Neon flip-flops swapped for muted, earthy tones.

19. High of 90? Sweater weather, baby.

18. Forget frying an egg on the sidewalk, now for some sous-vide on the dashboard. 

17. Plants still green and/or brown and/or currently dead.

16. Trump burrito demon spotted with PSL.

Bird gang uniforms got got.EXPAND
Bird gang uniforms got got.
Jim Louvau

15. Enough Arizona Cardinals apparel to clothe a bird-worshiping nation.

14. Time to melt candles with fire instead of simple existence.

13. Feeling that hint of a breath of a whisper of a crisp morning breeze.

12. Still drinking your recommended 12 gallons of water a day.

11. Road trip!

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