3-D Biology

You don’t need a PhD or thirty hits of acid to appreciate the sheer wonderment of the human body (although that would help). Thousands of scientific miracles occur from the time we open our eyes upon waking to our last conscious thought into dreamland.

The Arizona Science Center is currently showing The Human Body, an IMAX film that will bring a new realization of how our bodies function and adapt to the overwhelming amount of frivolous materialism around us. The film is a compilation of cinematic astonishment, combining state of the art computer graphics and amazing real life images on an enormous big screen that will move you to your core. It will also make you wonder if you should have gotten pissed that your local barista put low fat foam on your breve macchiato.

Jan. 21-March 10, 12, 2 & 4 p.m., 2011


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