35MM Megafun

Let’s stay up all night watching old movies, playing games, and eating snacks. How does the night before the Fourth of July sound? You in? Great! Midnite Movie Mamacita is in charge of the movie selections. They’re calling it Firecracker Film Extravaganza, but we’re calling it “best idea this summer.”

One can’t always pinpoint when and where high jinks will ensue, but in this case, it’s at at MADCAP Theaters where high jinks will continue unabated until 7 a.m. The titles of the six 35mm films are a secret surprise, but younger newlywed Harrison Ford, younger Sly Stallone, and younger “Governator Ahnold” are among the featured players. Release dates range from 1977 to 1989, and genres range from horror to, uh, country music.

Admission is only available online. When you order, leave your e-mail address for timely event updates. Bring food to share for the potluck and a plate for your grub.

Sat., July 3, 7 p.m., 2010


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