5 Best Things We Saw in Metro Phoenix in April

Carrie Marill's Dishberg is on view in Scottsdale.
Carrie Marill's Dishberg is on view in Scottsdale.
Courtesy of Lisa Sette Gallery

We're always keeping an eye on things -- from art exhibitions and indie films to architecture and theater in and around Phoenix. Here's the top of the top; five standouts among the many spring festivals, tours, and festivities April had to offer.

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When I first walked into "Domesticated," Carrie Marill's latest solo show at Lisa Sette Gallery, I immediately was drawn to a large painting depicting what appears to be either a layered cake or five separate cakes piled on top of one another. The work, Panned, features a simple composition with light neutral tones, but at the top of the pristine pile is an unexpected splash of bright, textured paint. This saturated color disrupts the order of the still life, suggesting that this work (and others in the exhibition) are not really about an idyllic kind of home life at all. Read more. -- Katrina Montgomery

Jenny Slate stars in Obvious Child.
Jenny Slate stars in Obvious Child.
A24 Films

Obvious Child at Phoenix Film Festival

Gillian Robespierre's Obvious Child isn't your typical romantic comedy.

Jenny Slate stars as Donna Stern, a charmingly foul-mouthed Williamsburg stand-up, whose cheating boyfriend (Paul Briganti) dumps her for another woman.

She goes through the typical stages of relationship loss. She gets drunk, leaves him many inebriated messages, finds comfort in her roommate Nellie (Gaby Hoffmann), and does some light stalking of her ex and his new girlfriend, who had been a close friend of Donna's. Adding insult to injury, she also loses her job at an independent bookstore.

But then, something great happens.

She stops chasing him. Read more. -- Becky Bartkowski

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